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aurutils is a collection of scripts to automate usage of the Arch
User Repository, with different tasks such as package searching,
update checks, or computing dependencies kept separate.

The chosen approach for managing packages is local pacman
repositories, rather than foreign (installed by "pacman -U")


The master branch can be installed from the included Makefile,
or from the AUR under "aurutils-git".

The release version is available in the AUR under "aurutils".

Upgrade notices are posted to the Arch forums:


Documentation is included as groff manuals. aurutils(7) contains a
general overview, instructions on creating a local repository, and
several examples.

The various scripts are documented by pages in section 1, for
example aursync(1).


Before filing a bug, check the following:

1) Do you use the latest version of aurutils and its dependencies?
2) Does the package conform to PKGBUILD(5) and the AUR package guidelines?
3) Does the package provide the correct metadata on the AUR RPC interface?
4) Does the package build with makepkg -s ?
5) Is the problem reproducible, and not due to a misconfiguration of
pacman, makepkg, sudoers, gpg or others?

If yes to all, create a debug log:

$ bash -x scriptname |& tee error.log

and attach it to a new issue: