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Before filing a bug, check the following:

  1. Do you use the latest release of aurutils and its dependencies? If so, is the issue reproducible from the master branch?
  2. Does the package conform to PKGBUILD(5) and the AUR package guidelines?
  3. Does the package provide the correct metadata on the AUR RPC interface?
  4. Does the package build with makepkg -s or extra-x86_64-build ?
  5. Does the package use internal makepkg functions? (see FS#43502)
  6. Is the problem reproducible, and not due to a misconfiguration of pacman, makepkg, sudoers, gpg or others?

If yes to all, create a debug log:

AUR_DEBUG=1 aur <name> <arguments> >aurutils.log 2>&1

and attach aurutils.log to this issue.