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pukkandan 495322b95b
[test] Allow `extract_flat` in download tests 3 weeks ago
Alex c789fb7787
[build, test] Harden workflows' security (#5410) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan ed6bec168d
[extractor/doodstream] Remove extractor 3 weeks ago
MMM 0d8affc17f
[extractor/rumble] Add HLS formats and extract more metadata (#5280) 3 weeks ago
Matthew d9df9b4919
[extractor/unsupported] Raise error on known DRM-only sites (#5483) 3 weeks ago
MMM efdc45a6ea
[extractor/bitchute] Better error for geo-restricted videos (#5474) 3 weeks ago
Matthew 86973308cd
[extractor/youtube:tab] Update tab handling for redesign (#5439) 3 weeks ago
MMM c61473c1d6
[extractor/bitchute] Improve `BitChuteChannelIE` (#5066) 3 weeks ago
zulaport 8fddc232bf
[extractor/camsoda] Add extractor (#5465) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan fad689c7b6
[extractor/hotstar] Refactor v1 API calls 3 weeks ago
m4tu4g db6fa6960c
[extractor/hotstar] Add season support (#5479) 3 weeks ago
Anant Murmu 3b87f4d943
[extractor/stripchat] Improve error message (#5475) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 581e86b512
[extractor/uktvplay] Fix `_VALID_URL` 3 weeks ago
megapro17 8196182a12
[extractor/odnoklassniki] Support embeds (#5105) 3 weeks ago
m4tu4g 9b383177c9
[extractor/mxplayer] Improve extractor (#5303) 3 weeks ago
ClosedPort22 fbb0ee7747
[compat] Fix `shutils.move` in restricted ACL mode on BSD (#5309) 3 weeks ago
Lesmiscore c7e4ab278a
[extractor/niconico] Always use HTTPS for requests 3 weeks ago
pukkandan e9ce4e9250
[extractor/foxnews] Add `FoxNewsVideo` extractor 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 5da08bde9e
[extractor/vlive] Extract `release_timestamp` 3 weeks ago
pukkandan ff48fc04d0
[update] Use error code 100 for update errors 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 46d09f8707
[cleanup] Lint and misc cleanup 3 weeks ago
pukkandan db4678e448
Update to ytdl-commit-de39d128 3 weeks ago
zulaport a349d4d641
[extractor/stripchat] Fix hostname for HLS stream (#5445) 3 weeks ago
Matthew ac8e69dd32
Do not backport Python 3.10 SSL configuration for LibreSSL (#5464) 3 weeks ago
bashonly 96b9e9cf62
[extractor/telegram] Add playlist support and more metadata (#5358) 3 weeks ago
Jeff Huffman cb1553e966
[extractor/crunchyroll] Beta is now the only layout (#5294) 3 weeks ago
Alex Karabanov 0d2a0ecac3
[extractor/listennotes] Add extractor (#5310) 3 weeks ago
changren-wcr c94df4d19d
[extractor/qingting] Add extractor (#5329) 3 weeks ago
lauren 728f4b5c2e
[extractor/tvp] Update extractors (#5346) 3 weeks ago
Kevin Wood 8c188d5d09
[extractor/redgifs] Refresh auth token for 401 (#5352) 3 weeks ago
Bruno Guerreiro e14ea7fbd9
[extractor/youtube] Update piped instances (#5441) 3 weeks ago
Richard Gibson 7053aa3a48
[extractor/epoch] Support videos without data-trailer (#5387) 3 weeks ago
HobbyistDev 049565df2e
[extractor/swearnet] Add extractor (#5371) 3 weeks ago
CrankDatSouljaBoy cc1d3bf96b
[extractor/deuxm] Add extractors (#5388) 3 weeks ago
Matthew 5b9f253fa0
Backport SSL configuration from Python 3.10 (#5437) 3 weeks ago
nixxo d715b0e413
[extractor/skyit] Fix extractors (#5442) 3 weeks ago
Matthew 6141346d18
[extractor/youtube] Update playlist metadata extraction for new layout (#5376) 3 weeks ago
MMM 59a0c35865
[extractor/lbry] Authenticate with cookies (#5435) 3 weeks ago
Lesmiscore da9a60ca0d
[extractor/twitcasting] Fix `data-movie-playlist` extraction (#5453) 3 weeks ago
sam 0d113603ac
[extractor/oftv] Add extractors (#5134) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 2e30b46fe4
[extractor/youtube] Improve chapter parsing from description 3 weeks ago
bashonly 68a9a450d4
[extractor/genius] Add extractors (#5221) 3 weeks ago
sam ed13a772d7
[extractor/bbc] Support onion domains (#5211) 3 weeks ago
lauren 78545664bf
[extractor/agora] Add extractors (#5101) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan f72218c199
[extractor/bitchute] Simplify extractor (#5066) 3 weeks ago
James Woglom 58fb927ebd
[kaltura] Support playlists (#4986) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 62b8dac490
[extractor] Improve `_generic_title` 4 weeks ago
Lesmiscore 682b4524bf
[extractor/japandiet] Add extractors (#5368) 4 weeks ago
nosoop 9da6612b0f
[extractor/youtube] Fix `duration` for premieres (#5382) 1 month ago
coletdjnz e63faa101c
[extractor/youtube] Fix `live_status` extraction for playlist videos 1 month ago