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MrOctopus 17fc3dc48a
[build] Create armv7l and aarch64 releases (#5449) 2 weeks ago
Lesmiscore 460eb9c50e
[build] Exclude devscripts from installs 3 months ago
pukkandan 115add4387
[devscripts] Create `utils` and refactor 4 months ago
pukkandan f5e438a976
[compat] Let PyInstaller detect _legacy module 4 months ago
pukkandan d08e1e6875
Fix bug in 5200976949 4 months ago
odo2063 5200976949
[build] Fix architecture suffix of executables (#4355) 4 months ago
crazymoose77756 962ffcf89c
[cleanup] Fix some typos (#4194) 5 months ago
pukkandan 54007a45f1
[cleanup] Consistent style for file heads 5 months ago
pukkandan e4afcfde08
[build] Add Linux standalone builds 5 months ago
pukkandan 57e0f077a6
[update] Expose more functionality to API 5 months ago
pukkandan 1890fc6389
[cleanup] Misc fixes 6 months ago
pukkandan b5899f4f19
[build, cleanup] Refactor 6 months ago
pukkandan e1e1ea54ae
[build] Fix `--onedir` on macOS 7 months ago
pukkandan c171445431
[cleanup,build] Cleanup some build-related code 7 months ago
pukkandan 7ab56be2c7
[build] Ensure `compat._legacy` is packed in executables 7 months ago
pukkandan f82711587c
[cleanup] Sort imports 8 months ago
pukkandan 86e5f3ed2e
[cleanup] Upgrade syntax 8 months ago
coletdev d5820461e8
Use certificates from `certifi` if installed (#3115) 8 months ago
coletdev 4390d5ec12
Add brotli content-encoding support (#2433) 9 months ago
Unit 193 e75bb0d6c3
[cleanup] Fix some typos (#2033) 11 months ago
pukkandan 49a57e70a9
[cleanup] misc 1 year ago
pukkandan 733d8e8f99
[build] Refactor `` and misc cleanup 1 year ago
Ricardo 0e5927eebf
[build] Build standalone MacOS packages (#1221) 1 year ago
pukkandan 49e7e9c3ce
[docs,build] Change all pycryptodome references to pycryptodomex 1 year ago
shirt f85e6be42e
[build] Use pycryptodomex for PyInstaller (#1179) 1 year ago
pukkandan 5d535b4a55
[build] Allow building with py2exe (and misc fixes) 1 year ago
pukkandan 4c88ff87fc
[build] Improve release process (#880) 1 year ago
pukkandan 1aebc0f79e
Add logo and banner 1 year ago
pukkandan e36d50c5dd
[websockets] Add `WebSocketFragmentFD` (#399) 1 year ago
Nil Admirari 56ce9eb832
[pyinst] Show Python version in EXE metadata (#384) 1 year ago
felix cc52de4356
[cleanup] Point all shebang to `python3` (#372) 2 years ago
pukkandan cc1dfc9373
[cleanup] 2 years ago
pukkandan e58c22a0f6
[documentation] Fix typos 2 years ago
Pccode66 7a5c1cfe93
Completely change project name to yt-dlp (#85) 2 years ago
Jody Bruchon 46261325be
#89 [] Exclude vcruntime140.dll from UPX (#89) 2 years ago
shirt-dev 44f705d001
#88 Implement SHA256 checking for autoupdater 2 years ago
shirt-dev 47930b73a5
Fix build.yml hashing and crypto support (#87) 2 years ago
pukkandan e5813e53f0 Improve build/updater 2 years ago
shirt-dev 5d25607a3a
#75 Change optional dependency from `Crypto` to `pycryptodome` (Closes #74) 2 years ago
pukkandan b3943b2f33 [] Move back to root dir (Closes #63) 2 years ago
shirt-dev 3dd264bf42
#64 Implement self updater 2 years ago
pukkandan 06ff212d64 [documentation] Crypto is an optional dependency 2 years ago
pukkandan ff88a05cff [pyinst] Automatically detect python architecture and working directory 2 years ago
pukkandan e38df8f9fa Refactor `update-version`, `` and related files 2 years ago