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Fabi019 9d69c4e4b4
[extractor/BerufeTV] Add extractor (#4921) 1 day ago
Timendum 292fdad297
[extractor/dplay:italy] Add default authentication (#5056) 1 day ago
Kyle Anthony Williams c04cc2e28e
[extractor/soundcloud:search] More metadata in `--flat-playlist` (#4965) 1 day ago
pukkandan 7a32c70d13
[cleanup] Fix flake8 and minor refactor 2 days ago
pukkandan 709ee21417
[extractor/youtube] Do not warn on duplicate chapters 2 days ago
pukkandan 1fb53b946c
[extractor/youtube:tab] Improve continuation items extraction 2 days ago
pukkandan 1dd18a8808
[extractor/YoutubeShortsAudioPivot] Support `source` URLs 2 days ago
pukkandan 0a5095fe8d
[extractor/youtube:tab] Support `reporthistory` page 2 days ago
pukkandan 0f60ba6e65
[extractor] Improve json+ld extraction 2 days ago
Simon Sawicki 1534aba865
[extractor/artetv] Remove duplicate stream urls (#5047) 2 days ago
coletdjnz 0ca0f88121
[extractor/heise] Fix extractor (#5029) 3 days ago
pukkandan 0500ee3d81
Don't download entire video when no matching `--download-sections` 3 days ago
pukkandan 46a5b335e7
[cookies] Let `_get_mac_keyring_password` fail gracefully 3 days ago
pukkandan 914491b8e0
[utils] ``: Fix default return in binary mode 3 days ago
Simon Sawicki ab029d7e92
[utils] `traverse_obj`: Rewrite, document and add tests (#5024) 3 days ago
pukkandan 0bd5a039ea
Playlists maynot always have webpage_url 3 days ago
Lesmiscore 5c8b2ee9ec
[extractor/RUTV] Fix warnings for livestreams (#5016) 5 days ago
Lesmiscore faf7863bb0
[extractor/Smotrim] Add extractor (#5015) 5 days ago
coletdjnz d42763a443
[extractor/rutube] Fix `_EMBED_REGEX` 5 days ago
coletdjnz 3c757d5ed2
[extractor/wistia] Add support for channels (#4819) 5 days ago
pukkandan f55523cfdd
[utils] `js_to_json`: Improve 6 days ago
coletdjnz 32972518da
[extractor/telegraaf] Use mobile GraphQL API endpoint 6 days ago
Pritam Das 2e7675489f
[extractor/instagram] Extract more metadata (#4708) 7 days ago
coletdjnz 80eb0bd9b9
[extractor/youtube] Add support for Shorts audio pivot feed (#4932) 7 days ago
Tanner Anderson 4cca2eb1bf
[extractor/nebula] Add (#4918) 1 week ago
GautamMKGarg 1c09783f7a
[extractor/hungama] Add subtitle (#4856) 1 week ago
bashonly 163281178a
[extractor/wistia] Match IDs in embed URLs (#4990) 1 week ago
pukkandan 2fa669f759
[docs] Misc improvements 1 week ago
pukkandan 8ca48a1a54
[extractor] Fix `fatal=False` in `RetryManager` 1 week ago
pukkandan b27bc13af6
[extractor/patreon] Sort formats 1 week ago
bashonly f7c5a5e967
[extractor/tiktok] Fix TikTokIE (#4984) 1 week ago
Jeroen Jacobs fada8272b6
[extractor/GoPlay] Add extractor (#3412) 1 week ago
josanabr 46d72cd2c7
[devscripts] make_lazy_extractors: Fix for Docker (#4958) 1 week ago
pukkandan 19b4e59a1e
[extractor/web.archive:youtube] Fix _YT_INITIAL_PLAYER_RESPONSE_RE 2 weeks ago
pukkandan dab284f80f
Workaround `libc_ver` not be available on Windows Store version of Python 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 9665f15a96
[outtmpl] Make `%s` work in strfformat for all systems 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 2b24afa6d7
Improve 5736d79172 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 3166e6840c
[extractor/generic] Pass through referer from json-ld 2 weeks ago
Simon Sawicki 8817a80d3a
[cookies] Parse cookies leniently (#4780) 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 5736d79172
Support environment variables in `--ffmpeg-location` 2 weeks ago
Lesmiscore fc2ba496fd
Allow open ranges for time ranges (#4940) 2 weeks ago
Locke 2b9d02167f
[extractor/bilibili] Add space.bilibili extractors (#4468) 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 2314b4d89f
Allow plugin extractors to replace the built-in ones 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 1060f82f89
Fix `--config-location -` 2 weeks ago
bashonly 22df97f9c5
Fix bug in 941e881e1f (#4893) 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 9c935fbc72
Fix bug in ae1035646a 3 weeks ago
pukkandan deae7c1711
[cleanup] Misc 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 941e881e1f
Fix bug in ae1035646a 3 weeks ago
pukkandan 0cb0fdbbfe
[extractor/common] Escape `%` in `representation_id` of m3u8 3 weeks ago
coletdjnz 0831d95c46
[extractor/BiliIntl] Support uppercase lang in `_VALID_URL` 3 weeks ago