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Documentation -- GitHub -- Travis-CI

Simple python library to deal with URI Templates. The API looks like

from uritemplate import URITemplate, expand

# NOTE: URI params must be strings not integers

gist_uri = '{/gist_id}'
t = URITemplate(gist_uri)
# =>

# or
print(expand(gist_uri, gist_id='123456'))

# also
t.expand({'gist_id': '123456'})
print(expand(gist_uri, {'gist_id': '123456'}))

Where it might be useful to have a class

import requests

class GitHubUser(object):
    url = URITemplate('{/login}')
    def __init__(self, name):
        self.api_url = url.expand(login=name)
        response = requests.get(self.api_url)
        if response.status_code == 200:

When the module containing this class is loaded, GitHubUser.url is evaluated and so the template is created once. It's often hard to notice in Python, but object creation can consume a great deal of time and so can the re module which uritemplate relies on. Constructing the object once should reduce the amount of time your code takes to run.


pip install uritemplate


Modified BSD license