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# Copyright (c) Amber Brown, 2015
# See LICENSE for details.
import os
from collections import OrderedDict
import pkg_resources
import tomli
from .._settings import fragment_types as ft
class ConfigError(Exception):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
self.failing_option = kwargs.get("failing_option")
_start_string = ".. towncrier release notes start\n"
_title_format = None
_template_fname = "towncrier:default"
_underlines = ["=", "-", "~"]
def load_config_from_options(directory, config):
if config is None:
if directory is None:
directory = os.getcwd()
base_directory = os.path.abspath(directory)
config = load_config(base_directory)
config = os.path.abspath(config)
if directory:
base_directory = os.path.abspath(directory)
base_directory = os.path.dirname(config)
config = load_config_from_file(os.path.dirname(config), config)
if config is None:
raise ConfigError(f"No configuration file found.\nLooked in: {base_directory}")
return base_directory, config
def load_config(directory):
towncrier_toml = os.path.join(directory, "towncrier.toml")
pyproject_toml = os.path.join(directory, "pyproject.toml")
if os.path.exists(towncrier_toml):
config_file = towncrier_toml
elif os.path.exists(pyproject_toml):
config_file = pyproject_toml
return None
return load_config_from_file(directory, config_file)
def load_config_from_file(directory, config_file):
with open(config_file, "rb") as conffile:
config = tomli.load(conffile)
return parse_toml(directory, config)
def parse_toml(base_path, config):
if "tool" not in config:
raise ConfigError("No [tool.towncrier] section.", failing_option="all")
config = config["tool"]["towncrier"]
sections = OrderedDict()
if "section" in config:
for x in config["section"]:
sections[x.get("name", "")] = x["path"]
sections[""] = ""
fragment_types_loader = ft.BaseFragmentTypesLoader.factory(config)
types = fragment_types_loader.load()
wrap = config.get("wrap", False)
single_file_wrong = config.get("singlefile")
if single_file_wrong:
raise ConfigError(
"`singlefile` is not a valid option. Did you mean `single_file`?",
single_file = config.get("single_file", True)
if not isinstance(single_file, bool):
raise ConfigError(
"`single_file` option must be a boolean: false or true.",
all_bullets = config.get("all_bullets", True)
if not isinstance(all_bullets, bool):
raise ConfigError(
"`all_bullets` option must be boolean: false or true.",
template = config.get("template", _template_fname)
if template.startswith("towncrier:"):
resource_name = "templates/" + template.split("towncrier:", 1)[1] + ".rst"
if not pkg_resources.resource_exists("towncrier", resource_name):
raise ConfigError(
"Towncrier does not have a template named '%s'."
% (template.split("towncrier:", 1)[1],)
template = pkg_resources.resource_filename("towncrier", resource_name)
template = os.path.join(base_path, template)
if not os.path.exists(template):
raise ConfigError(
f"The template file '{template}' does not exist.",
return {
"package": config.get("package", ""),
"package_dir": config.get("package_dir", "."),
"single_file": single_file,
"filename": config.get("filename", "NEWS.rst"),
"directory": config.get("directory"),
"version": config.get("version"),
"name": config.get("name"),
"sections": sections,
"types": types,
"template": template,
"start_string": config.get("start_string", _start_string),
"title_format": config.get("title_format", _title_format),
"issue_format": config.get("issue_format"),
"underlines": config.get("underlines", _underlines),
"wrap": wrap,
"all_bullets": all_bullets,