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import abc
import collections as clt
class BaseFragmentTypesLoader:
"""Base class to load fragment types."""
__metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
def factory(cls, config):
fragment_types_class = DefaultFragmentTypesLoader
fragment_types = config.get("fragment", {})
types_config = config.get("type", {})
if fragment_types:
fragment_types_class = TableFragmentTypesLoader
elif types_config:
fragment_types_class = ArrayFragmentTypesLoader
new = fragment_types_class(config)
return new
def load(self):
"""Load fragment types."""
class DefaultFragmentTypesLoader(BaseFragmentTypesLoader):
"""Default towncrier's fragment types."""
_default_types = clt.OrderedDict(
("feature", {"name": "Features", "showcontent": True}),
("bugfix", {"name": "Bugfixes", "showcontent": True}),
("doc", {"name": "Improved Documentation", "showcontent": True}),
("removal", {"name": "Deprecations and Removals", "showcontent": True}),
("misc", {"name": "Misc", "showcontent": False}),
def load(self):
"""Load default types."""
return self._default_types
class ArrayFragmentTypesLoader(BaseFragmentTypesLoader):
"""Load fragment types from an toml array of tables.
This loader get the custom fragment types defined through a
toml array of tables, that ``toml`` parses as an array
of mappings.
For example::
directory = "deprecation"
name = "Deprecations"
showcontent = true
def load(self):
"""Load types from toml array of mappings."""
types = clt.OrderedDict()
types_config = self.config["type"]
for type_config in types_config:
directory = type_config["directory"]
fragment_type_name = type_config["name"]
is_content_required = type_config["showcontent"]
types[directory] = {
"name": fragment_type_name,
"showcontent": is_content_required,
return types
class TableFragmentTypesLoader(BaseFragmentTypesLoader):
"""Load fragment types from toml tables.
This loader get the custom fragment types defined through a
toml tables, that ``toml`` parses as an nested mapping.
This loader allows omitting ``name`` and
```showcontent`` fields.
``name`` by default is the capitalized
fragment type.
``showcontent`` is true by default.
For example::
name = "Chores"
showcontent = False
# name will be "Deprecations"
# The content will be shown.
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
self.fragment_options = config.get("fragment", {})
def load(self):
"""Load types from nested mapping."""
fragment_types = self.fragment_options.keys()
fragment_types = sorted(fragment_types)
custom_types_sequence = [
(fragment_type, self._load_options(fragment_type))
for fragment_type in fragment_types
types = clt.OrderedDict(custom_types_sequence)
return types
def _load_options(self, fragment_type):
"""Load fragment options."""
capitalized_fragment_type = fragment_type.capitalize()
options = self.fragment_options.get(fragment_type, {})
fragment_description = options.get("name", capitalized_fragment_type)
show_content = options.get("showcontent", True)
clean_fragment_options = {
"name": fragment_description,
"showcontent": show_content,
return clean_fragment_options