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# Used during the release process to make sure that we release based on a
# tag that has the same version as the current twisted.__version.
# Designed to be conditionally called inside GitHub Actions release job.
# Tags should use PEP440 version scheme.
# To be called as: admin/ refs/tags/twisted-20.3.0
import sys
import pep517.meta
TAG_PREFIX = "refs/tags/"
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
print("No tag check requested.")
branch_version = pep517.meta.load(".").version
run_version = sys.argv[1]
if not run_version.startswith(TAG_PREFIX):
print(f"Not a twisted release tag name '{run_version}.")
run_version = run_version[len(TAG_PREFIX) :] # noqa: E203
if run_version != branch_version:
print(f"Branch is at '{branch_version}' while tag is '{run_version}'")
print(f"All good. Branch and tag versions match for '{branch_version}'.")