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  • Create a release branch in the main repository, not in a fork.
  • Create a commit for a release candidate inside the release branch.
  • Create a Pull Request for the release. The same branch and PR will be used for both the release candidates and the final release.
  • Get an approving review.
  • Once approved, tag the last commit in the branch as a release candidate.
  • Push the tag. This will trigger a build including the upload of artifacts to PyPI.
  • Notify the Twisted maillist allow a week for feedback before continuing.
  • Make sure that tickets exist for all raised concerns. These tickets should be marked using the blocking label.
  • Address each issue by either concluding that it is not really a release blocker and removing the label or by fixing via a PR to the release branch.
  • Prepare a commit for a final release and push it to the release branch.
  • Get an approving review for the final release.
  • Tag the commit using the final release version. This will trigger the upload of artifacts to PyPI.



Commands are written with Linux in mind and a venv located in venv/. Adjust per your OS and virtual environment location. For example, on Windows with an environment in the directory myenv/ the Python command would be myenv/scripts/python.

  • Define the final release version you are preparing.
    • towncrier uses CalVer of the form YY.MM.micro with the micro version just incrementing.
    • Normalize the version according to incremental.
      • This requires that towncrier[dev] extra is installed.
      • venv/bin/python admin/ 19.09.00-rc1
      • Outputs 19.9.0.rc1 which is the form to be used.
  • Create a release branch with a name of the form release-19.9.0 starting from the master branch.
    • On the new release branch you will commit all tagged release candidate commits as well as the final tagged release commit.
  • Update the version to the release candidate with the first being rc1 (as opposed to 0).
    • In src/towncrier/ the version is set using incremental such as __version__ = Version('towncrier', 19, 9, 0, release_candidate=1)
  • Run venv/bin/towncrier build --yes to build the the newsfragments into the release notes document and to automatically remove the newsfragment files.
  • Commit and push to the primary repository, not a fork.
    • It is important to not use a fork so that pushed tags end up in the primary repository, server provided secrets for publishing to PyPI are available, and maybe more.
  • If working on the first release candidate from this branch, create a PR named in the form Release 19.9.0.
  • Request a review and address raised concerns until receiving an approval.
  • Tag that commit such as 19.9.0.rc1 and push the tag to the primary repository.
    • This will result in another build which will publish to PyPI.
    • Confirm the presence of the release on PyPI.
  • Dismiss the approving review.
    • The review process will be reused for any subsequent release candidates, the final release, and the post-release tweaks so it must be cleared at each stage.
  • Notify the Twisted-Python maillist of the release to allow for feedback if a pre-release and just for notification if a final release.
  • If another release candidate is required:
    • Submit PRs against the release branch to integrate the needed changes. Any PRs could be cherry picks from the master branch if already resolved there, or direct PRs against the release branch that will be merged back into master at the completion of the release.
    • Return to the step where the version is updated and increment the release candidate number.
  • If ready for a final release, remove the release candidate indicator from the version.
    • Edit src/towncrier/ such as __version__ = Version('towncrier', 19, 9, 0) to remove the release candidate indication.
    • Manually update the NEWS.rst by removing the .rcN version and update the release date.
    • Disable the actual check for tox -e check-newsfragment so that you will have a green test run.
    • Commit and push the changes to trigger the CI tests and make sure all are green.
    • Tag as 19.9.0 and push the tag to the primary repository.
    • This will result in another build which will publish to PyPI for the final release.
    • Confirm the presence of the release on PyPI.
  • If the final release has been completed, re-enable tox -e check-newsfragment.
  • Increment the patch version by one and set to a development version.
    • In src/towncrier/ the version is set using incremental such as __version__ = Version('towncrier', 19, 9, 1, dev=0)
  • Merge without waiting for an approving review.