Minimal PyPI server for uploading & downloading packages with pip/easy_install
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import logging
import os
import pathlib
import sys
import typing as t
from unittest import mock
import pytest
import pypiserver.bottle
from pypiserver import __main__
from pypiserver.bottle import Bottle
THIS_DIR = pathlib.Path(__file__).parent
HTPASS_FILE = THIS_DIR / "../fixtures/htpasswd.a.a"
IGNORELIST_FILE = THIS_DIR / "test-ignorelist"
class main_wrapper:
app: t.Optional[Bottle]
run_kwargs: t.Optional[dict]
update_args: t.Optional[tuple]
update_kwargs: t.Optional[dict]
def __init__(self): = None
self.run_kwargs = None
self.update_args = None
self.update_kwargs = None
def __call__(self, argv):
sys.stdout.write(f"Running {argv}\n")
# always sets the package directory to this directory, regardless of
# other passed args.
__main__.main([str(THIS_DIR)] + argv)
return self.run_kwargs
def main(monkeypatch):
main = main_wrapper()
def run(**kwargs):
sys.stdout.write(f"RUN: {kwargs}\n")
app = kwargs.pop("app") = app
main.run_kwargs = kwargs
def update(*args, **kwargs):
main.update_args = args
main.update_kwargs = kwargs
monkeypatch.setattr("", run)
monkeypatch.setattr("pypiserver.manage.update_all_packages", update)
return main
def test_default_pkgdir(main):
assert == [THIS_DIR]
def test_noargs(main):
# Assert we're calling with the default host, port, and server, and
# assume that we've popped `app` off of the bottle args in our `main`
# fixture.
exp_kwargs = {"host": "", "port": 8080, "server": "auto"}
actual_kwargs = main([])
# Only assert our expected are are present. We may pass extra kwargs
# for particular servers, depending on what is available in the python
# path.
assert all(map(lambda k: exp_kwargs[k] == actual_kwargs[k], exp_kwargs))
def test_port(main):
assert main(["--port=8081"])["port"] == 8081
assert main(["--port", "8081"])["port"] == 8081
assert main(["-p", "8081"])["port"] == 8081
def test_server(main):
assert main(["--server=paste"])["server"] == "paste"
assert main(["--server", "cherrypy"])["server"] == "cherrypy"
def test_wsgiserver_extra_args_present(monkeypatch, main):
"""The wsgi server gets extra keyword arguments."""
lambda: __main__.AutoServer.WsgiRef,
assert main([])["handler_class"] is __main__.WsgiHandler
def test_wsgiserver_extra_kwargs_absent(monkeypatch, main):
"""Other servers don't get wsgiserver args."""
lambda: __main__.AutoServer.Waitress,
assert "handler_class" not in main([])
def test_root_multiple(main):
# Remember we're already setting THIS_DIR as a root in the `main` fixture
assert == [
def test_fallback_url(main):
main(["--fallback-url", "https://pypi.mirror/simple"])
assert ( == "https://pypi.mirror/simple"
def test_fallback_url_default(main):
assert ( == ""
def test_hash_algo_default(main):
assert == "md5"
def test_hash_algo(main):
assert == "sha256"
def test_hash_algo_off(main):
assert is None
assert is None
assert is None
assert is None
def test_hash_algo_BAD(main):
with pytest.raises(SystemExit) as excinfo:
main(["--hash-algo BAD"])
def test_logging(main, tmpdir):
logfile = tmpdir.mkdir("logs").join("test.log")
main(["-v", "--log-file", logfile.strpath])
assert logfile.check(), logfile
def test_logging_verbosity(main):
assert logging.getLogger().level == logging.WARN
assert logging.getLogger().level == logging.INFO
main(["-v", "-v"])
assert logging.getLogger().level == logging.DEBUG
main(["-v", "-v", "-v"])
assert logging.getLogger().level == logging.NOTSET
"cli_arg, expected_stream",
("stderr", sys.stderr),
("stdout", sys.stdout),
("none", None),
@mock.patch.object(__main__, "init_logging")
def test_log_to_stdout(init_logging, main, cli_arg, expected_stream):
main(["--log-stream", cli_arg])
assert init_logging.call_args[1].get("stream") is expected_stream
def dummy_logger():
logger = logging.getLogger("test")
yield logger
logger.handlers = []
def test_init_logging_with_stream(dummy_logger):
assert not dummy_logger.handlers
__main__.init_logging(stream=sys.stdout, logger=dummy_logger)
assert isinstance(dummy_logger.handlers[0], logging.StreamHandler)
assert dummy_logger.handlers[0].stream is sys.stdout
def test_init_logging_with_none_stream_doesnt_add_stream_handler(dummy_logger):
assert not dummy_logger.handlers
__main__.init_logging(stream=None, logger=dummy_logger)
assert not dummy_logger.handlers
def test_welcome_file(main):
sample_msg_file = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "sample_msg.html")
main(["--welcome", sample_msg_file])
assert "Hello pypiserver tester!" in
def test_welcome_file_default(main):
assert "Welcome to pypiserver!" in
def test_password_without_auth_list(main, monkeypatch):
sysexit = mock.MagicMock(side_effect=ValueError("BINGO"))
monkeypatch.setattr("sys.exit", sysexit)
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ex:
main(["-P", str(HTPASS_FILE), "-a", ""])
assert ex.value.args[0] == "BINGO"
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ex:
main(["-a", "."])
assert ex.value.args[0] == "BINGO"
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ex:
main(["-a", ""])
assert ex.value.args[0] == "BINGO"
with pytest.raises(ValueError) as ex:
main(["-P", "."])
assert ex.value.args[0] == "BINGO"
def test_password_alone(main, monkeypatch):
monkeypatch.setitem(sys.modules, "passlib", mock.MagicMock())
monkeypatch.setitem(sys.modules, "passlib.apache", mock.MagicMock())
main(["-P", str(HTPASS_FILE)])
assert == ["update"]
def test_dot_password_without_auth_list(main, monkeypatch):
main(["-P", ".", "-a", "."])
assert == []
def test_blacklist_file(main):
Test that calling the app with the --blacklist-file argument does not
throw a getopt error
main(["-U", "--blacklist-file", str(IGNORELIST_FILE)])
assert main.update_kwargs["ignorelist"] == ["mypiserver", "something"]
def test_auto_servers() -> None:
"""Test auto servers."""
# A list of bottle ServerAdapters
bottle_adapters = tuple(
a.__name__.lower() for a in pypiserver.bottle.AutoServer.adapters
# We are going to expect that our AutoServer enum names must match those
# at least closely enough to be recognizable.
our_mappings = tuple(map(str.lower, __main__.AutoServer.__members__))
# Assert that all of our mappings are represented in bottle adapters
assert all(
any(mapping in a for a in bottle_adapters) for mapping in our_mappings
# Assert that our import checking order matches the order in which the
# adapters are defined in the AutoServer
our_check_order = tuple(i[0] for i in __main__.AUTO_SERVER_IMPORTS)
# Some of the servers have more than one check, so we need to rmeove
# duplicates before we check for identity with the AutoServer definition.
seen: t.Dict[__main__.AutoServer, __main__.AutoServer] = {}
our_check_order = tuple(
seen.setdefault(i, i) for i in our_check_order if i not in seen
# We should have the same number of deduped checkers as there are bottle
# adapters
assert len(our_check_order) == len(bottle_adapters)
# And the order should be the same
assert all( in them
for us, them in zip(our_check_order, bottle_adapters)