Minimal PyPI server for uploading & downloading packages with pip/easy_install
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Build scripts folder


  • : Bump, commit and tag new project versions
  • : Check that README has no RsT-syntactic errors.
  • : Build deployable artifact (wheel) in /dist/ folder.
  • README.rst : This file.

Release check-list:

  1. Update /CHANGES.rst (+ Title + Date) & /README.rst (Date, not version).
  2. Push to GitHub to run all TCs once more.
  3. Bump version: commit & tag it with /bin/ Use --help. Read PEP-440 to decide the version.
  4. Push it in GitHub with --follow-tags.
  5. Generate package wheel with /bin/
  6. Upload to PyPi with twine upload -s -i <gpg-user> dist/*
  7. Ensure that the new tag is built on as latest and as a direct tag reference.
  8. Copy release notes from /CHANGES.rst in GitHub as new "release" page on the new tag. Check syntactic differences between .md and .rst files.