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Refactor storage operations into separate Backend classes (#348) Following the discussion in #253 and #325 I've created a first iteration on what a `Backend` interface could look like and how the current file storage operations may be refactored into this interface. It goes from the following principles * `` talks only to `` with regards to package operations * at configuration time, a `Backend` implementation is chosen and created for the lifetime of the configured app * `` proxies requests for packages to this `Backend()` * The `Backend` interface/api is defined through three things * methods that an implementation must implement * methods that an implementation may override if it knows better than the defaults * the `PkgFIle` class that is (should be) the main carrier of data * where possible, implementation details must be hidden from concrete `Backend`s to promote extensibility Other things I've done in this PR: * I've tried to talk about packages and projects, rather than files and prefixes, since these are the domain terms PEP503 uses, and imho it's also more clear what it means * Better testability of the `CacheManager` (no more race conditions when `watchdog` is installed during testing) * Cleanup some more Python 2 code * Started moving away from `os.path` and `py.path` in favour of `pathlib` Furthermore I've created a `` with a sample of how I think plugin system could look like. This sampIe assumes we use `argparse` and allows for the extension of cli arguments that a plugin may need. I think the actual implementation of such a plugin system is beyond the scope of this PR, but I've used it as a target for the Backend refactoring. If requested, I'll remove it from this PR. The following things still need to be done / discussed. These can be part of this PR or moved into their own, separate PRs - [ ] Simplify the `PgkFile` class. It currently consists of a number of attributes that don't necessarily belong with it, and not all attributes are aptly named (imho). I would like to minimalize the scope of `PkgFile` so that its only concern is being a data carrier between the app and the backends, and make its use more clear. - [ ] Add a `PkgFile.metadata` that backend implementations may use to store custom data for packages. For example the current `PkgFile.root` attribute is an implementation detail of the filestorage backends, and other Backend implementations should not be bothered by it. - [ ] Use `pathlib` wherever possible. This may also result in less attributes for `PkgFile`, since some things may be just contained in a single `Path` object, instead of multtiple strings. - [ ] Improve testing of the `CacheManager`. ---- * move some functions around in preparation for backend module * rename pkg_utils to pkg_helpers to prevent confusion with stdlib pkgutil * further implement the current filestorage as simple file backend * rename prefix to project, since that's more descriptive * add digester func as attribute to pkgfile * WIP caching backend * WIP make cache better testable * better testability of cache * WIP file backends as plugin * fix typos, run black * Apply suggestions from code review Co-authored-by: Matthew Planchard <> * add more type hints to pass mypy, fix tox.ini * add package count method to backend * add package count method to backend * minor changes * bugfix when checking invalid whl file * check for existing package recursively, bugfix, some more pathlib * fix unittest * rm dead code * exclude from coverage * fix merge mistakes * fix tab indentation * backend as a cli argument * fix cli, add tests * fix mypy * fix more silly mistakes * process feedback * remove dead code Co-authored-by: Matthew Planchard <>
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