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command -v coverage >/dev/null && coverage erase
command -v python-coverage >/dev/null && python-coverage erase
# nosetests pandas/tests/ --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas.core --pdb-failure --pdb
#nosetests -w pandas --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas --pdb-failure --pdb #--cover-inclusive
#nosetests -A "not slow" -w pandas/tseries --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas.tseries $* #--cover-inclusive
nosetests -w pandas --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas $*
# nosetests -w pandas/io --with-coverage --pdb-failure --pdb
# nosetests -w pandas/core --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas.core --pdb-failure --pdb
# nosetests -w pandas/stats --with-coverage --cover-package=pandas.stats
# coverage run