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Tom Augspurger da7d4734e3 DEPR: Change boxplot return_type kwarg (#12216)
* DEPR: Change boxplot return_type kwarg

Part of
Deprecation started in

Changes the default value of `return_type` in DataFrame.boxplot
and from None to 'axes'.

* API: Change faceted boxplot return_type

Aligns behavior of `Groupby.boxplot` and DataFrame.boxplot(by=.)
to return a Series.
2016-09-04 12:21:01 +02:00
sinhrks 4488f18076 BUG/CLN: datetimelike Index.equals may return True with non-Index
closes #13107

Author: sinhrks <>

Closes #13986 from sinhrks/dti_equals and squashes the following commits:

580151a [sinhrks] BUG/CLN: move .equals to DatetimeOpsMixin
2016-09-03 11:29:19 -04:00
Jeff Reback e9c5c2d2c5 Revert "TST: fix blosc version (#14142)"
This reverts commit 752ba9ae0e.

closes #14143
2016-09-03 10:06:36 -04:00
Sinhrks 0323336d3c BUG: concat/append misc fixes (#13660)
closes #13626
closes #7795
2016-09-03 11:20:28 +02:00
Jeff Reback 59524af1e9 TST: sparse / dummy array comparisons on windows, xref #14140 (#14141) 2016-09-02 20:00:37 -04:00
Jeff Reback 752ba9ae0e TST: fix blosc version (#14142) 2016-09-02 19:52:39 -04:00
Piotr Jucha d26363b964 BUG/DEPR: Categorical: keep dtype in MultiIndex (#13743), deprecate .from_array
Now, categorical dtype is preserved also in `groupby`, `set_index`, `stack`,
`get_dummies`, and `make_axis_dummies`.

closes #13743
closes #13854
2016-09-02 18:01:16 -04:00
Tom Augspurger ccec504e31 BUG: int dtype for get_dummies
closes #8725    Changes `get_dummies` return columns with `uint8`
dtypes instead of coercing to floats if they were alongside other
float columns.

Author: Tom Augspurger <>

Closes #13796 from TomAugspurger/get_dummies_dtype and squashes the following commits:

cace0f7 [Tom Augspurger] BUG: int dtype for get_dummies
2016-09-02 07:29:59 -04:00
gfyoung 362a56153f BUG: Don't print stray newline with MultiIndex
Title is self-explanatory.    Closes #6618.

Author: gfyoung <>

Closes #14132 from gfyoung/to-csv-newline and squashes the following commits:

d1a600f [gfyoung] BUG: Don't print stray newline with MultiIndex
2016-09-02 07:16:51 -04:00
gfyoung 58199c5da2 API: Raise FileNotFoundError for nonexistent files (#14116)
For a nonexistent file, raise the more specific
FileNotFoundError for Python >= 3.3 in read_csv,
read_table, and read_hdf.

This error is backported to Python 2.x as IOError.

Closes gh-14086.
2016-09-01 10:19:14 +02:00
gfyoung 306e6472e2 DEPR: Deprecated PeriodIndex.to_datetime (#14113)
Deprecation is in favour of PeriodIndex.to_timestamp.
2016-09-01 10:03:39 +02:00
Joris Van den Bossche 64831800b9 Make show_versions not to reload modules (GH13684) (#14126) 2016-09-01 09:28:53 +02:00
Joris Van den Bossche 5f5acc3f36 TST: confirming tests for some fixed issues (#14117)
* TST: assert indexing with list of Periods works (GH7710)

* TST: assert median for timedelta with NaT works (GH8617)

* TST: assert no conversion to float when resampling datetime64 values (13119)
2016-09-01 09:28:06 +02:00
Sinhrks 70bb179bf8 CLN: Datetimelike._can_hold_na (#13983) 2016-09-01 09:27:38 +02:00
Giacomo Ferroni 8fdfa51810 Test for segfault in factorize (gh12666) (#14112) 2016-08-31 12:17:14 -04:00
gfyoung 5db52f0d30 API: Warn or raise for > 1 char encoded sep
The system file encoding can cause a separator to be encoded as more
than one character even though it maybe provided as one character.
Multi-char separators are not supported by the C engine, so we need to
catch this case.    Closes #14065.

Author: gfyoung <>

Closes #14120 from gfyoung/multi-char-encoded and squashes the following commits:

152b685 [gfyoung] API: Warn or raise for > 1 char encoded sep
2016-08-31 12:09:34 -04:00
Tom Bird b2a73b8ee7 BUG: #14095. Amend eval() resolvers kwarg to accept lists
closes #14095

Author: Tom Bird <>

Closes #14121 from theultimatecrouton/resolvers and squashes the following commits:

227d734 [Tom Bird] BUG: #14095. Amend eval() resolvers kwarg to accept lists
f27963c [Tom Bird] BUG: #14095. Amend eval() resolvers kwarg to accept lists
77500da [Tom Bird] BUG: #14095. Amend eval() resolvers kwarg to accept lists
ef03d59 [Tom Bird] BUG: #14095. Amend eval() resolvers kwarg to accept lists
2016-08-31 12:04:52 -04:00
Chris 8654a9ed3c API: Expanded resample
closes #13500

Author: Chris <>

Closes #13961 from chris-b1/resample-api and squashes the following commits:

b8dd114 [Chris] make _from_selection a property
10c7280 [Chris] NotImp -> ValueError
e203fcf [Chris] doc updates
384026b [Chris] remove PeriodIndex workaround
c7b299e [Chris] cleanup debugging
5fd97d9 [Chris] add from_selection bookkeeping
7f9add4 [Chris] more wip
b55309a [Chris] wip
c4db0e7 [Chris] move error handling; doc fixups
def74de [Chris] API: Expanded resample
2016-08-31 09:12:59 -04:00
Anthonios Partheniou f92cd7e41c TST: Enable Google BigQuery ( integration testing #11089
closes #11089
closes #14111
2016-08-31 08:47:23 -04:00
Tom Augspurger 47a8e71343 ENH: add parameter for HTML border (#14061) 2016-08-31 10:07:30 +02:00
Sinhrks b6d3a81864 ENH: Sparse dtypes (#13849)
Add better support for int64 and bool data types in sparse objects
2016-08-31 09:57:33 +02:00
Joris Van den Bossche 0c1e052af4 BUG: series resample with timedelta values looses dtype (GH13119) (#14118)
_possibly_downcast_to_dtype did not work for timedelta data
2016-08-31 09:52:49 +02:00
Joris Van den Bossche 10bf721324 DOC: small update to install.rst page (#14115)
Move some content from the removed content on dependencies from the README (see GH13882)
2016-08-29 14:44:19 +02:00
gfyoung a9c15d3566 DEPR: Deprecate Timestamp.to_datetime (#14101)
* DEPR: Deprecate Timestamp.to_datetime

* API: Issue real warning in to_pydatetime

* DEPR: Deprecate NaT.to_datetime

Closes gh-8254.
2016-08-29 14:42:43 +02:00
Sinhrks 5a20ea262e API: change unique to return Index (#13979) 2016-08-29 14:29:04 +02:00
jackieleng ca2b1043fb Added consistent pandas imports in io documentation (#14097) 2016-08-29 14:24:29 +02:00
Tom Augspurger be61825986 DOC: Update README to link to install instructions. (#13882) 2016-08-28 20:26:12 +02:00
chris-b1 8d1646c36a COMPAT: int dtype in json tests (#14100) 2016-08-28 09:14:55 -04:00
Joris Van den Bossche a0151a7b12 DOC: unpin IPython version (GH13639) (#14037) 2016-08-27 15:34:27 +02:00
gfyoung 9d10b76fa2 BUG: Don't parse index column as numeric when parse_dates=True (#14077)
When a thousands parameter is specified, if the index column data
contains that thousands value for date purposes (e.g. '.'), do not
interpret those characters as the thousands parameter.

Closes gh-14066.
2016-08-27 15:31:30 +02:00
gfyoung 670435ab34 DEPR: Deprecated Index.to_datetime (#14096)
Partially addresses gh-8254.
Closes gh-8612 because pd.to_datetime has a format arg.
2016-08-27 11:21:45 +02:00
John Liekezer 0e61847e11 BUG: Dataframe.fillna with np.nan for dtype=category(GH 14021)
closes #14021

Author: John Liekezer <>

Closes #14051 from conquistador1492/issue_14021 and squashes the following commits:

a405777 [John Liekezer] BUG: Dataframe.fillna with np.nan for dtype=category(GH 14021)
2016-08-26 16:49:47 -04:00
Tom Bird 0db4304550 BUG: Empty lists shouldn't be counted as DateOffsets.
closes #13844
closes #13889
2016-08-26 16:41:38 -04:00
Ben Kandel e31f981d23 BUG: Series indexing with tuple-valued data and a numeric index
closes #13509

Author: Ben Kandel <>

Closes #14092 from bkandel/fix-floatindex-tuple and squashes the following commits:

2b77554 [Ben Kandel] Fix bug in Float64Index.get_value() for tuples.
2016-08-26 16:16:41 -04:00
Kernc 042b6f00ad BUG: yield correct Series subclass in df.iterrows() (#13977)
closes #13977

Author: Kernc <>

Closes #13978 from kernc/iterrows-with-constructor-sliced and squashes the following commits:

9aaac80 [Kernc] BUG: yield correct Series subclass in df.iterrows() (#13977)
f8f4230 [Kernc] DOC: tm.assert_series_equal() fix docstring default values
2016-08-26 16:02:50 -04:00
Grant Roch 185fcbebd8 TST/DOC: apply date() with timezones (#14085) 2016-08-26 00:20:12 +02:00
Sinhrks 5152cdd77b API/BUG: Fix Series ops inconsistencies (#13894)
- series comparison operator to check whether labels are identical (currently: ignores labels)
- series boolean operator to align with labels (currently: only keeps left index)
2016-08-25 12:20:52 +02:00
sinhrks e23e6f1642 API: PeriodIndex.values now return array of Period objects
split from #13941 (comment)

Author: sinhrks <>

Closes #13988 from sinhrks/period_values and squashes the following commits:

d7637c9 [sinhrks] API: PeriodIndex.values now return array of Period objects
2016-08-24 19:35:46 -04:00
gfyoung 3923fcd163 BUG: Align to_csv signatures with DataFrame and Series (#14063)
Closes gh-14054.
2016-08-24 19:28:44 -04:00
gfyoung fb6fbaeed1 TST: Add tests for internal EOF in read_csv (#14069)
Closes gh-5500.
2016-08-24 19:27:44 -04:00
Nate George 6645b2b11a BUG: fix read_csv c engine to accept unicode aliases for encoding (#14060) 2016-08-22 22:47:18 +02:00
Tom Augspurger ba2df22220 COMPAT/TST Matplotlib 2.0 compatability (#13662) 2016-08-22 22:35:12 +02:00
gfyoung df2d9ab917 BUG: Validate the ordered parameter for Categorical (#14059)
Closes gh-14058.
2016-08-21 21:53:49 +02:00
gfyoung 447df80ac6 BUG, DOC: Fix inconsistencies with scalar na_values in read_csv (#14056)
Update documentation to state that scalars are accepted for
na_values. In addition, accept scalars for the values when a
dictionary is passed in for na_values.

Closes gh-12224.
2016-08-21 21:34:41 +02:00
gfyoung ae4ffac560 BUG: Don't error when usecols is a numpy array (#14055)
Closes gh-12546.
2016-08-21 16:17:47 +02:00
Jeff Reback 86a36f766b DOC: whatsnew fix 2016-08-21 09:38:13 -04:00
Robert Kern ce61b3f1c8 ENH: Fine-grained errstate handling
closes #13109
closes #13135

The precise strategy to be taken here is open for
discussion. I tried to be reasonably fine-grained rather than slap a
generic decorator over everything because it's easier to go that
direction than the reverse. The `errstate()` blocks in the tests were
added *after* fixing all of the library code. Unfortunately, these are
less fine-grained than I would like because some of the tests have
many lines of the form `assert_array_equal(pandas_expression_to_test,
expected_raw_numpy_expression)` where `expected_raw_numpy_expression`
is what is triggering the warning. It was tedious to try to rewrite
all of that to wrap just `expected_raw_numpy_expression`.    I think I
got everything exercised by the test suite except for parts of the
test suite that are skipped on my machine due to dependencies. We'll
see how things go in the CI.    I haven't added any new tests yet.
Could do if requested.

Author: Robert Kern <>
Author: Robert Kern <>

Closes #13145 from rkern/fix/errstate and squashes the following commits:

ef9c001 [Robert Kern] BUG: whoops, wrong function.
7fd2e86 [Robert Kern] ENH: More whatsnew documentation.
44805db [Robert Kern] ENH: Rearrange expression to avoid generating a warning that would need to be silenced.
1fe1bc2 [Robert Kern] pep8
bf1f662 [Robert Kern] BUG: New fixes after master rebase.
e7adc03 [Robert Kern] BUG: wrong function.
a59cfa7 [Robert Kern] ENH: Avoiding the bounds error is better than silencing the warning.
0e1ea81 [Robert Kern] BUG: A few more stragglers.
863ac93 [Robert Kern] TST: Add a new test to ensure that boolean comparisons are errstate-protected.
6932851 [Robert Kern] TST: Basic check that the global errstate remains unchanged.
c9df7b3 [Robert Kern] BUG: removed debugging print
3b12f08 [Robert Kern] ENH: Silence numpy warnings from certain expressions computed during tests.
eca512c [Robert Kern] BUG: Handle NaT explicitly.
6fbc9ce [Robert Kern] BUG: First pass at fine-grained errstate.
2016-08-21 09:27:45 -04:00
sinhrks 51b20de44f API: SparseSeries comparison now returns sparse
Because #13985 has been fixed, ``SparseSeries`` comparison op now can return
``SparseSeries`` (it returns normal ``Series`` on current master).
also fixed a bug when ``SparseArray`` created from ``SparseSeries``
may not inherit ``dtype``.

Author: sinhrks <>

Closes #13999 from sinhrks/sparse_comparison and squashes the following commits:

eafc94c [sinhrks] API: SparseSeries comparison now returns sparse
2016-08-20 09:31:49 -04:00
OXPHOS 5c78ee6b45 DOC: update docs for read_csv().na_values and keep_default_na
closes #13967

Author: OXPHOS <>

Closes #14030 from OXPHOS/excel_na and squashes the following commits:

ff1964b [OXPHOS] GH13967: move around _NA_VALUES and add doc for read_csv().na_values
2016-08-20 09:23:36 -04:00
gfyoung 53447f4148 CLN: Removed DataFrame.to_wide (#14039) 2016-08-19 23:36:29 +02:00