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@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ Bug Fixes
- Bug in ``HDFStore`` when writing a ``MultiIndex`` when using ``data_columns=True`` (:issue:`14435`)
- Bug in ``HDFStore.append()`` when writing a ``Series`` and passing a ``min_itemsize`` argument containing a value for the ``index`` (:issue:`11412`)
- Bug when writing to a ``HDFStore`` in ``table`` format with a ``min_itemsize`` value for the ``index`` and without asking to append (:issue:`10381`)
- Bug in ``Series.groupby.nunique()`` raising an ``IndexError`` for an empty ``Series`` (:issue:`12553`)
- Bug in ``DataFrame.nlargest`` and ``DataFrame.nsmallest`` when the index had duplicate values (:issue:`13412`)