Core utilities for Python packages
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Demonstrate behaviour of `SpecifierSet.__iter__` (#575)
3 weeks ago
development Remove support for Python 3.6 (#500) 7 months ago
Makefile Introduce pre-commit to the dev process (#212) 3 years ago
changelog.rst Initial commit of skeleton 8 years ago Rework to match newer Sphinx style 4 weeks ago
index.rst Add a `metadata` module with a data class for core metadata (#518) 2 months ago
markers.rst Evaluate markers under environment with empty "extra" (#550) 2 months ago
metadata.rst Rework the `metadata` module annotations and documentation 4 weeks ago
requirements.rst Add `__hash__`/`__eq__` to requirements (#499) 5 months ago
requirements.txt Change documentation theme to Furo (#347) 2 years ago
security.rst Link to security page instead 3 years ago
specifiers.rst Demonstrate behaviour of `SpecifierSet.__iter__` (#575) 3 weeks ago
tags.rst Fix typo discovered by codespell (#479) 9 months ago
utils.rst Document `utils.NormalizedName` (#565) 1 month ago
version.rst Rework the version documentation 4 weeks ago