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Jon Dufresne 4d60352aaf
Drop support for python 2.7, 3.4, and 3.5 (#376) 2 years ago
Jon Dufresne 28d2fa0742
Use isort (#377) 2 years ago
Filipe Laíns 14ad3520dc
move back to setuptools (#367) 2 years ago
Brett Cannon b32f7446b8
Move from setuptools to flit (#352) 2 years ago
Dustin Ingram 903dc8866f
Remove custom stubs 3 years ago
Dustin Ingram 2f8a31c0fb
Configure a static typechecker 3 years ago
Donald Stufft 1d29a50550 Add a setup.cfg to make Wheels universal 8 years ago