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from __future__ import annotations
import sys
def filter_version(version: str) -> str:
"""return python 'major.minor'"""
# remove interpreter prefix
if version.startswith("pypy-"):
version_ = version[5:]
elif version.startswith("pypy"):
version_ = version[4:]
version_ = version
# remove extra specifier e.g. "3.11-dev" => "3.11"
version_ = version_.split("-")[0]
version_parts = version_.split(".")
if len(version_parts) < 2:
raise ValueError(f"invalid version: {version}")
if not version_parts[0].isdigit():
raise ValueError(f"invalid major python version: {version}")
if not version_parts[1].isdigit():
raise ValueError(f"invalid minor python version: {version}")
return ".".join(version_parts[:2])
def setup_action(input_: str) -> None:
versions = [version.strip() for version in input_.split(",") if version.strip()]
pypy_versions = [version for version in versions if version.startswith("pypy")]
pypy_versions_filtered = [filter_version(version) for version in pypy_versions]
if len(pypy_versions) != len(set(pypy_versions_filtered)):
raise ValueError(
"multiple versions specified for the same 'major.minor' PyPy interpreter:"
f" {pypy_versions}"
cpython_versions = [version for version in versions if version not in pypy_versions]
cpython_versions_filtered = [
filter_version(version) for version in cpython_versions
if len(cpython_versions) != len(set(cpython_versions_filtered)):
raise ValueError(
"multiple versions specified for the same 'major.minor' CPython"
f" interpreter: {cpython_versions}"
# cpython shall be installed last because
# other interpreters also define pythonX.Y symlinks.
versions = pypy_versions + cpython_versions
# we want to install python 3.10 last to ease nox set-up
if "3.10" in cpython_versions_filtered:
index = cpython_versions_filtered.index("3.10")
index = versions.index(cpython_versions[index])
cpython_310 = versions.pop(index)
# add this to install nox
if len(versions) > 20:
raise ValueError(f"too many interpreters to install: {len(versions)} > 20")
print(f"::set-output name=interpreter_count::{len(versions)}")
for i, version in enumerate(versions):
print(f"::set-output name=interpreter_{i}::{version}")
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
raise AssertionError(f"invalid arguments: {sys.argv}")