53 Commits (main)

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Matthieu Darbois d1bdf0940e
feat: allow defining a python version list for GHA action (#609) 2 months ago
Matthieu Darbois 6430a3481b
fix: GitHub Action can now be used on ubuntu-18.04 runner (#606) 3 months ago
Tom Fleet c713ee19b9
chore: Few tidy ups (#612) 3 months ago
Henry Schreiner 741585115a
tests: configure pytest (#597) 4 months ago
Tom Fleet 4399ec52b5
Drop 99% coverage threshold flag for 3.10 in noxfile (#593) 4 months ago
Diego Ramirez a35704f026
Drop Python 3.6 (#526) 6 months ago
Henry Schreiner 8261d2ad0a
style: check manifest (#552) 7 months ago
Tom Fleet e42f542397
Fix virtualenv setuptools version bug (#549) 7 months ago
Tom Fleet bbc47b4e22
Pin virtualenv version in lint session (#547) 7 months ago
Tom Fleet 583a333f3c
Fix project's noxfile sessions definition (#539) 7 months ago
Henry Schreiner 1c078d6544
style: add pre-commit and new checks (#530) 7 months ago
Tom Fleet 26f2a0db28
Unpin docs session and add --error-on-missing-interpreter to CI sessions (#532) 8 months ago
Henry Schreiner c99652230c
chore: bump linting versions to latests (#528) 8 months ago
Tom Fleet 60babe8141
Only run conda_tests session by default if user has conda installed (#521) 8 months ago
Tom Fleet f4037b2490
Use shutil.rmtree over shelling out to rm -rf in noxfile (#519) 8 months ago
Diego Ramirez e7ae509ac1
Run conda tests on Python 3.10 and lint Sphinx config (#506) 9 months ago
Diego Ramirez cbd9d2d8ed
Improve the Sphinx config file (#499) 10 months ago
Tom Fleet e679b77a98
Move configs into pyproject.toml or setup.cfg(flake8) (#484) 11 months ago
Tom f584aed846
CI: Python 3.10.0-rc.2 coverage fix (#479) 11 months ago
Tom 9c696e2bc2
Run Flynt to convert str.format to f-strings (#464) 11 months ago
Tom d537c5559a
Add python 3.10.0-rc2 to GitHub Actions (#475) 11 months ago
Tom 0d4764e078
Add header from noxfile.py docstring #454 (#459) 1 year ago
Claudio Jolowicz 5ac156fc44
Remove setup.py (#458) 1 year ago
Henry Schreiner 4ea20511bb
chore: upgrade to mypy 0.902 (#455) 1 year ago
Claudio Jolowicz 41b9c798e9
Upgrade linters to the latest version (#438) 1 year ago
Claudio Jolowicz a6539a73ea
Drop contexter from test requirements (#426) 1 year ago
Paulo S. Costa 55258326dd
Ignore mypy configuration file (#402) 1 year ago
Peilonrayz 082c266363
Improve automated tests support on Windows (#300) 1 year ago
Stargirl Flowers a078d3cc82
Add Windows to GitHub Actions, remove AppVeyor (#390) 1 year ago
Claudio Jolowicz 4e1842246d
Add isort check to lint session (#366) 2 years ago
Christopher Wilcox e5e9869c38
Update nox to latest supported python versions. (#362) 2 years ago
Kevin Kirsche 3e4eaff1fa
Typo - formater to formatter (#324) 2 years ago
Moshe Zadka 9110f3e5a5
Add seasion.create_tmp (#320) 2 years ago
Peilonrayz f00191835f
Don't run coverage on 3.6.0 (#299) 2 years ago
Peilonrayz ca6f2c288e
Remove some type ignores (#294) 2 years ago
Peilonrayz 8869bf2a20
Convert function decorators to class decorators (#290) 2 years ago
Peilonrayz 1bd08bc7d8
Upgrade typehints to support disallow-untyped-defs flag (#282) 3 years ago
Kevin Tewouda 8151acdf0a Test against Python 3.8 (#270) 3 years ago
Chad Smith 360c0e82c8 replace flake8 sorter with isort (#242) 3 years ago
Tim Swast be39b3d8a1 Add argcomplete dependency to conda test session. (#240) 3 years ago
Chad Smith febd6fcd6c Add mypy to lint (#230) 3 years ago
Tim Swast bd73af9de5 Add `session(venv_backend='conda')` option to use Conda environments. (#217) 3 years ago
Santos Gallegos 2dbaaaf518 Update noxfile to use python3.7 (#204) 3 years ago
Marc Brooks d49c14848d Add interactive property to session. (#196) 3 years ago
Thea Flowers ff9b9594f7
Refactor how Nox defines and process options (#187) 3 years ago
Bruno Oliveira ccf8b5f98d Use 'pytest' instead of 'py.test' in examples and configuration (#193) 3 years ago
Thea Flowers 722ff26b61
Add the ability to give parametrized sessions a custom ID (#186) 3 years ago
Thea Flowers 908d82f977
Warn when programs not in the virtualenv are used, allow erroring and silencing the warning. (#147) 4 years ago
Thea Flowers 040c935f92 Re-blacken 4 years ago
Thea Flowers 9ba0724e32 Documentation style updates 4 years ago