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dependabot[bot] 4e47da4c14
chore(deps): bump pypa/gh-action-pypi-publish from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1 (#640) 2 weeks ago
meowmeowcat 2cfd66b551
Remove macos-10.15 from Github Action (#637) 3 weeks ago
Matthieu Darbois 4abf7244af
chore: use python 3.7+ syntax for action_helper.py (#633) 4 weeks ago
Matthieu Darbois d1bdf0940e
feat: allow defining a python version list for GHA action (#609) 2 months ago
dependabot[bot] 6d5d9e089d
Bump actions/setup-python from 3 to 4 (#625) 2 months ago
Matthieu Darbois 6430a3481b
fix: GitHub Action can now be used on ubuntu-18.04 runner (#606) 3 months ago
Tom Fleet b73b1900b3
ci: Use latest GHA runners and include macOS (#613) 3 months ago
Tom Fleet 1348a414dd
Update GitHub actions (#617) 3 months ago
Tom Fleet c713ee19b9
chore: Few tidy ups (#612) 3 months ago
Tom Fleet 2ad6005815
Fix discord channel name in config.yml (#608) 3 months ago
Diego Ramirez a2fd497824
Create the `config.yml` file for issue templates (#603) 4 months ago
Tom Fleet ad773c8edf
Introduce GitHub issue forms (#600) 4 months ago
Diego Ramirez a35704f026
Drop Python 3.6 (#526) 6 months ago
Tom Fleet e42f542397
Fix virtualenv setuptools version bug (#549) 8 months ago
Claudio Jolowicz fcaafa1eba
ci: Enable color output from Nox, pytest, and pre-commit (#542) 8 months ago
Tom Fleet 26f2a0db28
Unpin docs session and add --error-on-missing-interpreter to CI sessions (#532) 8 months ago
Henry Schreiner 7806b8e247
ci: fix missing 3.8 -> 3.9 for CI (#529) 8 months ago
Maciej Lech 094c35f64b
Add Python 3.10 for conda (#501) 10 months ago
Tom Fleet f1b01e2e50
Add python 3.10.0 to GitHub actions and a 3.10 classifier setup.cfg (#495) 10 months ago
Tom f584aed846
CI: Python 3.10.0-rc.2 coverage fix (#479) 11 months ago
Tom d537c5559a
Add python 3.10.0-rc2 to GitHub Actions (#475) 11 months ago
Henry Schreiner 98e8c24cca
ci: simpler build (#461) 1 year ago
Claudio Jolowicz 5ac156fc44
Remove setup.py (#458) 1 year ago
Stargirl Flowers a078d3cc82
Add Windows to GitHub Actions, remove AppVeyor (#390) 1 year ago
Stargirl Flowers d4cf5475c5
Setup GitHub actions, remove Travis (#389) 1 year ago
Santos Gallegos c72826156a Fix funding external link (#200) 3 years ago
Thea Flowers c14b0a6361
Create FUNDING.yml 3 years ago
Thea Flowers e18f93d55b Update issue templates 4 years ago