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Introspection Schema

Relay Modern uses Babel Relay Plugin which requires you to provide your GraphQL schema data.

Graphene comes with a Django management command to dump your schema data to schema.json which is compatible with babel-relay-plugin.


Include graphene_django to INSTALLED_APPS in your project settings:

INSTALLED_APPS += ('graphene_django')

Assuming your Graphene schema is at tutorial.quickstart.schema, run the command:

./ graphql_schema --schema tutorial.quickstart.schema --out schema.json

It dumps your full introspection schema to schema.json inside your project root directory. Point babel-relay-plugin to this file and you're ready to use Relay with Graphene GraphQL implementation.

The schema file is sorted to create a reproducible canonical representation.

GraphQL SDL Representation

The schema can also be exported as a GraphQL SDL file by changing the file extension :

./ graphql_schema --schema tutorial.quickstart.schema --out schema.graphql

When exporting the schema as a .graphql file the --indent option is ignored.

Advanced Usage

The --indent option can be used to specify the number of indentation spaces to be used in the output. Defaults to None which displays all data on a single line.

The --watch option can be used to run ./ graphql_schema in watch mode, where it will automatically output a new schema every time there are file changes in your project

To simplify the command to ./ graphql_schema, you can specify the parameters in your

    'SCHEMA': 'tutorial.quickstart.schema',
    'SCHEMA_OUTPUT': 'data/schema.json',  # defaults to schema.json,
    'SCHEMA_INDENT': 2,  # Defaults to None (displays all data on a single line)

Running ./ graphql_schema dumps your schema to <project root>/data/schema.json.


Run ./ graphql_schema -h for command usage.