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import itertools
from django.db import models
from django_filters import Filter, MultipleChoiceFilter, VERSION
from django_filters.filterset import BaseFilterSet, FilterSet
from django_filters.filterset import FILTER_FOR_DBFIELD_DEFAULTS
from graphql_relay.node.node import from_global_id
from ..forms import GlobalIDFormField, GlobalIDMultipleChoiceField
class GlobalIDFilter(Filter):
field_class = GlobalIDFormField
def filter(self, qs, value):
""" Convert the filter value to a primary key before filtering """
_id = None
if value is not None:
_, _id = from_global_id(value)
return super(GlobalIDFilter, self).filter(qs, _id)
class GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter(MultipleChoiceFilter):
field_class = GlobalIDMultipleChoiceField
def filter(self, qs, value):
gids = [from_global_id(v)[1] for v in value]
return super(GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter, self).filter(qs, gids)
models.AutoField: {"filter_class": GlobalIDFilter},
models.OneToOneField: {"filter_class": GlobalIDFilter},
models.ForeignKey: {"filter_class": GlobalIDFilter},
models.ManyToManyField: {"filter_class": GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter},
models.ManyToOneRel: {"filter_class": GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter},
models.ManyToManyRel: {"filter_class": GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter},
class GrapheneFilterSetMixin(BaseFilterSet):
""" A django_filters.filterset.BaseFilterSet with default filter overrides
to handle global IDs """
# To support a Django 1.11 + Python 2.7 combination django-filter must be
# < 2.x.x. To support the earlier version of django-filter, the
# filter_for_reverse_field method must be present on GrapheneFilterSetMixin and
# must not be present for later versions of django-filter.
if VERSION[0] < 2:
from django.utils.text import capfirst
class GrapheneFilterSetMixinPython2(GrapheneFilterSetMixin):
def filter_for_reverse_field(cls, f, name):
"""Handles retrieving filters for reverse relationships
We override the default implementation so that we can handle
Global IDs (the default implementation expects database
primary keys)
rel = f.field.remote_field
except AttributeError:
rel = f.field.rel
default = {"name": name, "label": capfirst(rel.related_name)}
if rel.multiple:
# For to-many relationships
return GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter(**default)
# For to-one relationships
return GlobalIDFilter(**default)
GrapheneFilterSetMixin = GrapheneFilterSetMixinPython2
def setup_filterset(filterset_class):
""" Wrap a provided filterset in Graphene-specific functionality
return type(
(filterset_class, GrapheneFilterSetMixin),
def custom_filterset_factory(model, filterset_base_class=FilterSet, **meta):
""" Create a filterset for the given model using the provided meta data
meta.update({"model": model})
meta_class = type(str("Meta"), (object,), meta)
filterset = type(
str("%sFilterSet" % model._meta.object_name),
(filterset_base_class, GrapheneFilterSetMixin),
{"Meta": meta_class},
return filterset