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from graphene import Boolean, Float, ObjectType, String
class DjangoDebugSQL(ObjectType):
class Meta:
description = "Represents a single database query made to a Django managed DB."
vendor = String(
"The type of database being used (e.g. postrgesql, mysql, sqlite)."
alias = String(
required=True, description="The Django database alias (e.g. 'default')."
sql = String(description="The actual SQL sent to this database.")
duration = Float(
required=True, description="Duration of this database query in seconds."
raw_sql = String(
required=True, description="The raw SQL of this query, without params."
params = String(
required=True, description="JSON encoded database query parameters."
start_time = Float(required=True, description="Start time of this database query.")
stop_time = Float(required=True, description="Stop time of this database query.")
is_slow = Boolean(
description="Whether this database query took more than 10 seconds.",
is_select = Boolean(
required=True, description="Whether this database query was a SELECT."
# Postgres
trans_id = String(description="Postgres transaction ID if available.")
trans_status = String(description="Postgres transaction status if available.")
iso_level = String(description="Postgres isolation level if available.")
encoding = String(description="Postgres connection encoding if available.")