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class Registry(object):
def __init__(self):
self._registry = {}
self._registry_models = {}
def register(self, cls):
from .types import DjangoObjectType
assert issubclass(
cls, DjangoObjectType), 'Only DjangoObjectTypes can be registered, received "{}"'.format(
assert cls._meta.registry == self, 'Registry for a Model have to match.'
# assert self.get_type_for_model(cls._meta.model) == cls, (
# 'Multiple DjangoObjectTypes registered for "{}"'.format(cls._meta.model)
# )
self._registry[cls._meta.model] = cls
def get_type_for_model(self, model):
return self._registry.get(model)
registry = None
def get_global_registry():
global registry
if not registry:
registry = Registry()
return registry
def reset_global_registry():
global registry
registry = None