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import six
from graphene import String
from .filterset import custom_filterset_factory, setup_filterset
def get_filtering_args_from_filterset(filterset_class, type):
""" Inspect a FilterSet and produce the arguments to pass to
a Graphene Field. These arguments will be available to
filter against in the GraphQL
from ..form_converter import convert_form_field
args = {}
for name, filter_field in six.iteritems(filterset_class.base_filters):
field_type = convert_form_field(filter_field.field)
args[name] = field_type
# Also add the 'order_by' field
if filterset_class._meta.order_by:
args[filterset_class.order_by_field] = String()
return args
def get_filterset_class(filterset_class, **meta):
"""Get the class to be used as the FilterSet"""
if filterset_class:
# If were given a FilterSet class, then set it up and
# return it
return setup_filterset(filterset_class)
return custom_filterset_factory(**meta)