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import six
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models
from django.utils.text import capfirst
from django_filters import Filter, MultipleChoiceFilter
from django_filters.filterset import FilterSet, FilterSetMetaclass
from graphql_relay.node.node import from_global_id
from ..forms import GlobalIDFormField, GlobalIDMultipleChoiceField
class GlobalIDFilter(Filter):
field_class = GlobalIDFormField
def filter(self, qs, value):
_type, _id = from_global_id(value)
return super(GlobalIDFilter, self).filter(qs, _id)
class GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter(MultipleChoiceFilter):
field_class = GlobalIDMultipleChoiceField
def filter(self, qs, value):
gids = [from_global_id(v)[1] for v in value]
return super(GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter, self).filter(qs, gids)
ORDER_BY_FIELD = getattr(settings, 'GRAPHENE_ORDER_BY_FIELD', 'order_by')
models.AutoField: {
'filter_class': GlobalIDFilter,
models.OneToOneField: {
'filter_class': GlobalIDFilter,
models.ForeignKey: {
'filter_class': GlobalIDFilter,
models.ManyToManyField: {
'filter_class': GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter,
class GrapheneFilterSetMetaclass(FilterSetMetaclass):
def __new__(cls, name, bases, attrs):
new_class = super(GrapheneFilterSetMetaclass, cls).__new__(cls, name, bases, attrs)
# Customise the filter_overrides for Graphene
new_class.filter_overrides.setdefault(k, v)
return new_class
class GrapheneFilterSetMixin(object):
order_by_field = ORDER_BY_FIELD
def filter_for_reverse_field(cls, f, name):
"""Handles retrieving filters for reverse relationships
We override the default implementation so that we can handle
Global IDs (the default implementation expects database
primary keys)
rel = f.field.rel
default = {
'name': name,
'label': capfirst(rel.related_name)
if rel.multiple:
# For to-many relationships
return GlobalIDMultipleChoiceFilter(**default)
# For to-one relationships
return GlobalIDFilter(**default)
class GrapheneFilterSet(six.with_metaclass(GrapheneFilterSetMetaclass, GrapheneFilterSetMixin, FilterSet)):
""" Base class for FilterSets used by Graphene
You shouldn't usually need to use this class. The
DjangoFilterConnectionField will wrap FilterSets with this class as
def setup_filterset(filterset_class):
""" Wrap a provided filterset in Graphene-specific functionality
return type(
(six.with_metaclass(GrapheneFilterSetMetaclass, GrapheneFilterSetMixin, filterset_class),),
def custom_filterset_factory(model, filterset_base_class=GrapheneFilterSet,
""" Create a filterset for the given model using the provided meta data
'model': model,
meta_class = type(str('Meta'), (object,), meta)
filterset = type(
str('%sFilterSet' % model._meta.object_name),
'Meta': meta_class
return filterset