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from django.db import connections
from promise import Promise
from .sql.tracking import unwrap_cursor, wrap_cursor
from .types import DjangoDebug
class DjangoDebugContext(object):
def __init__(self):
self.debug_promise = None
self.promises = []
self.object = DjangoDebug(sql=[])
def get_debug_promise(self):
if not self.debug_promise:
self.debug_promise = Promise.all(self.promises)
return self.debug_promise.then(self.on_resolve_all_promises)
def on_resolve_all_promises(self, values):
return self.object
def add_promise(self, promise):
if self.debug_promise and not self.debug_promise.is_fulfilled:
def enable_instrumentation(self):
# This is thread-safe because database connections are thread-local.
for connection in connections.all():
wrap_cursor(connection, self)
def disable_instrumentation(self):
for connection in connections.all():
class DjangoDebugMiddleware(object):
def resolve(self, next, root, args, context, info):
django_debug = getattr(context, 'django_debug', None)
if not django_debug:
if context is None:
raise Exception('DjangoDebug cannot be executed in None contexts')
context.django_debug = DjangoDebugContext()
except Exception:
raise Exception('DjangoDebug need the context to be writable, context received: {}.'.format(
if info.schema.get_type('DjangoDebug') == info.return_type:
return context.django_debug.get_debug_promise()
promise = next(root, args, context, info)
return promise