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import graphene
from graphene import Schema, relay, resolve_only_args
from graphene_django import DjangoObjectType
from .data import (create_ship, get_empire, get_faction, get_rebels, get_ship,
from .models import Character as CharacterModel
from .models import Faction as FactionModel
from .models import Ship as ShipModel
class Ship(DjangoObjectType):
class Meta:
model = ShipModel
interfaces = (relay.Node, )
def get_node(cls, id, context, info):
node = get_ship(id)
return node
class Character(DjangoObjectType):
class Meta:
model = CharacterModel
class Faction(DjangoObjectType):
class Meta:
model = FactionModel
interfaces = (relay.Node, )
def get_node(cls, id, context, info):
return get_faction(id)
class IntroduceShip(relay.ClientIDMutation):
class Input:
ship_name = graphene.String(required=True)
faction_id = graphene.String(required=True)
ship = graphene.Field(Ship)
faction = graphene.Field(Faction)
def mutate_and_get_payload(cls, input, context, info):
ship_name = input.get('ship_name')
faction_id = input.get('faction_id')
ship = create_ship(ship_name, faction_id)
faction = get_faction(faction_id)
return IntroduceShip(ship=ship, faction=faction)
class Query(graphene.ObjectType):
rebels = graphene.Field(Faction)
empire = graphene.Field(Faction)
node = relay.Node.Field()
ships = relay.ConnectionField(Ship, description='All the ships.')
def resolve_ships(self):
return get_ships()
def resolve_rebels(self):
return get_rebels()
def resolve_empire(self):
return get_empire()
class Mutation(graphene.ObjectType):
introduce_ship = IntroduceShip.Field()
# We register the Character Model because if not would be
# inaccessible for the schema
schema = Schema(query=Query, mutation=Mutation, types=[Ship, Character])