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from cookbook.ingredients.models import Category, Ingredient
from graphene import AbstractType, Field, Node
from graphene_django.filter import DjangoFilterConnectionField
from graphene_django.types import DjangoObjectType
# Graphene will automatically map the Category model's fields onto the CategoryNode.
# This is configured in the CategoryNode's Meta class (as you can see below)
class CategoryNode(DjangoObjectType):
class Meta:
model = Category
interfaces = (Node, )
filter_fields = ['name', 'ingredients']
filter_order_by = ['name']
class IngredientNode(DjangoObjectType):
class Meta:
model = Ingredient
# Allow for some more advanced filtering here
interfaces = (Node, )
filter_fields = {
'name': ['exact', 'icontains', 'istartswith'],
'notes': ['exact', 'icontains'],
'category': ['exact'],
'category__name': ['exact'],
filter_order_by = ['name', 'category__name']
class Query(AbstractType):
category = Field(CategoryNode)
all_categories = DjangoFilterConnectionField(CategoryNode)
ingredient = Field(IngredientNode)
all_ingredients = DjangoFilterConnectionField(IngredientNode)