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10 Commits (v2.11.1)

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Jonathan Kim aa30750d39 Bugfix: Correct filter types for DjangoFilterConnectionFields (#682) 3 years ago
Jonathan Kim 692540cc78
Update flake8 (#688) 3 years ago
Olle Vidner 30ced72236
Removed duplicate bdist_wheel section 5 years ago
Ed Morley 9fbb183820 Generate a universal wheel in addition to the source distribution 5 years ago
Syrus Akbary 872ce3922e Added support for wheel package 5 years ago
Timothy Laurent f88590343b create pytest.ini to contain DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE 6 years ago
Israel Saeta Pérez 9e9a08ffe4 Add `pytest-runner` and test-->pytest alias to make tests run as documented. 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 4e23c3ccf6 Improved python syntax and sorts (pep8). Improved Readme 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 0434899b4e Isolated Graphene Django in a new package 6 years ago