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thatneat 755bd4e187 spelling 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 531a5348e6 Add `examples/cookbook-plain` to follow the plain tutorial 6 years ago
Patrick Sanders b16cb69000 Fix broken link in cookbook schema 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 22b33214a7 Fixed Cookbook. Fixed #68 6 years ago
drzix 810de7b26a Remove an unneeded backup file 6 years ago
drzix f9f8eca804 Fix graphql query guide url 6 years ago
chriscauley fa178a00ef errors in code 6 years ago
chriscauley ad063aa947 adding some dummy data 6 years ago
chriscauley 0ceef46268 a few admin changes to make entering data easier 6 years ago
chriscauley 5ac046a715 adding recipe schema 6 years ago
chriscauley d3057cd9dc fixes #8, base import of field no longer works for query property. Use Node.Field instead 6 years ago
cph cf7d8ffcd6 config schema generation in cookbook example 6 years ago
cph ae9e13d0ad fix clone command in README 6 years ago
cph 93796daad7 fix requirements 6 years ago
Evstifeev Roman 06e408124b fix graphql url 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary f6684ca92d Improved cookbook 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 7fbc3e69b1 Improved Django List retreival and added extra tests. 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 8caa2cd00f Fixed middleware 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 70dbd4b512 Improved PEP8 syntax 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 3aa929fdc9 Moved django-graphql-view and django-graphiql into graphene-django 😎 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 4127031d2a Fixed starwars schema 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 4e23c3ccf6 Improved python syntax and sorts (pep8). Improved Readme 6 years ago
Syrus Akbary 0434899b4e Isolated Graphene Django in a new package 6 years ago