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Jonathan Kim 97de26bf2e
Update tutorial docs (#994) 2 years ago
Radosław Kowalski 1f752b6cad
Warn if `fields` or `exclude` are not defined on `DjangoObjectType` (#981) 2 years ago
Akhil Gopi 13352216a4
Improv/documentation fixes (#895) 3 years ago
Athul Cyriac Ajay e51e60209a Updated Tutorial with Highlights (#801) 3 years ago
Paul Hallett 31468f5687
Rebuild documentation 3 years ago
Adam Johnson 1ba9652f38
Reword 'abstract' -> 'mixin' in plain tutorial 4 years ago
Syrus Akbary 701611c246
Moved the admin plug down to the proper section 4 years ago
Martijn Faassen ea4ddc7f79
Adjustments to make it work with Django 2.0.1 5 years ago
Stefan Stammberger 443b5eaafc
Docs: Update Cookbook tutorial 5 years ago
Kees Kluskens 70a6c72751
Docs: fix usage of deprecated `AbstractType` 5 years ago
Justin Tervay bbcd69967c
Fix typos 5 years ago
Nik Nyby 04fc5a0305 intro tutorial: setup -> set up 5 years ago
Miguel 73905547c8 Fix tutorial-plain.rst typo in " Getting single objects" code example 5 years ago
Jeremy Spencer 84d063261e Updated tutorial-plain to be in line with breaking changes in graphen-python>\#simpler-resolvers 5 years ago
Jesus Mª e425758f5b Fix install ingredients app 5 years ago
Bryan Kimani caa6eecc7a Update tutorial-plain.rst 5 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 5d7794815f Fix GraphiQL URL which is configured in the tutorial. 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 0b4db6a42d Improve summary section 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 9621054852 Add reference to `cookbook-plain` in `tutorial-plain.rst` 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev b55e988205 Add `Summary` section with some paragraphs 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 1304183893 Spellcheck `tutorial-plain.rst` 6 years ago
Radoslav Georgiev 61dd8c4277 Add basic structure for plain tutorial 6 years ago