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Aaron Forsander f6ec0689c1
Fix documentation references: op_name -> operation_name (#1312) 5 months ago
Peter Paul Kiefer 0bb9f1ca60
I found another wrong link in the filter dokumentation see #1309 (#1311) 6 months ago
Peter Paul Kiefer bf8fd7696b
fixed broken links to graphene filter documentation (master->main) (#1309) 6 months ago
Tim Schilling 5d5d7f1815
Django v4, python 3.10 support for graphene-django v3 (#1281) 7 months ago
Chouaib Lammas ef9d67302e
Fix ingredient model (#1258) 8 months ago
Thomas Leonard 80ea51fc3b
Add typed filters (v3) (#1148) 1 year ago
Ülgen Sarıkavak 3058118e8f
Tox & actions updates (#1143) 1 year ago
Jason Kraus e9f25ecf2d
enhancement: DjangoDebugContext captures exceptions and allows captured stack traces to be queried (#1122) 1 year ago
Tonye Jack 5cee41407c
Added GraphQLTransactionTestCase (#1099) 1 year ago
Thomas Leonard 2d4ca0ac7b
Add enum support to filters and fix filter typing (v3) (#1119) 1 year ago
Jason Kraus c3404a9793
document purpose of DjangoConnectionField (#1107) 2 years ago
Jason Kraus d9ab8acf26
document auth pattern: return None with resolve method (#1106) 2 years ago
Jason Kraus c049ab7470
WIP: Merge master into v3 (#1086) 2 years ago
Tim Gates e559a42374
docs: fix simple typo, outputing -> outputting (#1077) 2 years ago
Rustam Ganeyev dab6080fcf
Fixed typo in documentation (#1078) 2 years ago
Ignacio Orlandini 8f63199a63
Handle database transactions (#1039) 2 years ago
Semyon Pupkov eb7a0265d8
Use explicit classmethod in simple mutation example (#1059) 2 years ago
Semyon Pupkov 8571bc465a
Improve ordering doc example (#1053) 2 years ago
DJ Kim f5d94fda1f
Update testing.rst (#1026) 2 years ago
Semyon Pupkov 88eefb0e07
Fix testing doc (#1024) 2 years ago
Varun Dey 6ce208db95
Fix missing colon in function definition (#1030) 2 years ago
Varun Dey ac1f9ac360
Fix grammar (#1027) 2 years ago
Radosław Kowalski 55769e814f
Add headers support to GraphiQL (#1016) 2 years ago
Nikolai Røed Kristiansen 2308965658
Extract query function from GraphQLTestCase making it possible to use in a pytest fixture (#1015) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim 97de26bf2e
Update tutorial docs (#994) 2 years ago
Eric Abruzzese 6aa6aaaa8c
Update GraphiQL, add GraphiQL subscription support (#1001) 2 years ago
Radosław Kowalski 1f752b6cad
Warn if `fields` or `exclude` are not defined on `DjangoObjectType` (#981) 2 years ago
DoctorJohn 17146f9b01
Make v3 django choice field enum naming default (in v3) (#982) 2 years ago
Chris Hart b1f6d41209
fixes minor typo in docs index (#969) 2 years ago
vineethvanga18 a987035ef3
fix typo (#959) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim b4e34a5794
Improve DjangoListField (#929) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim 8990e173ac
Add extra types documentation (#902) 2 years ago
Jean-Louis Fuchs 10d22de98e
graphql 3.0 and graphene 3.0 final rebase (#951) 2 years ago
kimbriancanavan 82d8dbc893
Convert MultipleChoiceField to List of type String (#611) 2 years ago
Roy Segall 3483428f70
Adding documentation for installing django-filter (#928) 2 years ago
Ülgen Sarıkavak dd0d6ef28f
Python 3 (#904) 2 years ago
fneitzel b84f61afab
Documentation missing endpoint explanation (#918) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim 348fcf37a0
Detect format from output file path (#868) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim b8e598d66d
Add options to override how Django Choice fields are converted t… (#860) 2 years ago
Akhil Gopi 13352216a4
Improv/documentation fixes (#895) 2 years ago
Jonathan Kim de87573e0c
Add information on how to deal with CSRF protection (#838) 3 years ago
Jason Kraus a818ec9017 replace merge_queryset with resolve_queryset pattern (#796) 3 years ago
Athul Cyriac Ajay e51e60209a Updated Tutorial with Highlights (#801) 3 years ago
Brett Jackson def6b15e5b Update schema introspection docs to show SCHEMA_INDENT option (#802) 3 years ago
Tyler Kennedy 4bbc0824a6 Fix a small typo, filerset_class -> filterset_class (#762) 3 years ago
Talley Lambert 254e59c36f Adds variables arg to GraphQLTestCase.query (#699) 3 years ago
Semyon Pupkov ac79b38cf0 Use field and exclude in docs instead deprecated attrs (#740) 3 years ago
A C SREEDHAR REDDY 1b8184ece1 make Mutation class ObjectType. (#748) 3 years ago
A C SREEDHAR REDDY 9d245287a4 is_authenticated is bool not callable. (#749) 3 years ago
Gert Van Gool d5e71bc9be Fix typo of imoprt to import (#742) 3 years ago