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# Contributing
Thanks for helping to make graphene-django great!
We welcome all kinds of contributions:
- Bug fixes
- Documentation improvements
- New features
- Refactoring & tidying
## Getting started
If you have a specific contribution in mind, be sure to check the [issues]( and [projects]( in progress - someone could already be working on something similar and you can help out.
## Project setup
After cloning this repo, ensure dependencies are installed by running:
make dev-setup
## Running tests
After developing, the full test suite can be evaluated by running:
make tests
## Opening Pull Requests
Please fork the project and open a pull request against the master branch.
This will trigger a series of test and lint checks.
We advise that you format and run lint locally before doing this to save time:
make format
make lint
## Documentation
The [documentation]( is generated using the excellent [Sphinx]( and a custom theme.
The documentation dependencies are installed by running:
cd docs
pip install -r requirements.txt
Then to produce a HTML version of the documentation:
make html