GetTor is a program that presents alternative methods to download Tor Browser, especially when access to Tor Project's official website and mirrors is blocked. For Information in Trac:
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"platforms": ["linux", "osx", "windows"],
"dbname": "/srv/",
"email_parser_logfile": "/srv/",
"email_requests_limit": 30,
"twitter_requests_limit": 1,
"sendmail_interval": 10,
"twitter_interval": 10,
"sendmail_addr": "",
"sendmail_host": "localhost",
"sendmail_port": 587,
"consumer_key": "",
"consumer_secret": "",
"access_key": "",
"access_secret": "",
"test_hid": "",
"twitter_handle": "get_tor",
"twitter_messages_endpoint": "",
"twitter_new_message_endpoint": ""