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Flake8 is a wrapper around these tools:

  • PyFlakes
  • pycodestyle
  • Ned Batchelder's McCabe script

Flake8 runs all the tools by launching the single flake8 command. It displays the warnings in a per-file, merged output.

It also adds a few features:

  • files that contain this line are skipped:

    # flake8: noqa
  • lines that contain a # noqa comment at the end will not issue warnings.

  • you can ignore specific errors on a line with # noqa: <error>, e.g., # noqa: E234. Multiple codes can be given, separated by comma. The noqa token is case insensitive, the colon before the list of codes is required otherwise the part after noqa is ignored

  • Git and Mercurial hooks

  • extendable through flake8.extension and flake8.formatting entry points


See our quickstart documentation for how to install and get started with Flake8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flake8 maintains an FAQ in its documentation.

Questions or Feedback

If you have questions you'd like to ask the developers, or feedback you'd like to provide, feel free to use the mailing list:

We would love to hear from you. Additionally, if you have a feature you'd like to suggest, the mailing list would be the best place for it.


Flake8 was created by Tarek Ziadé and is currently maintained by Ian Cordasco