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⬆️ Propose v/1.4.0 | ⚡ Few Improvements | ➖ Drop dependencies to reduce the footprint (#41) * :wrench: Using pytest instead of the deprecated nose * :wrench: Disallow py 3.10 to fail tests * :wrench: Enable coverage gen using pytest * :bug: Fix cov-report missing * :wrench: coverage report not correctly read using pytest. need investigations. * :fire: Drop support for UTF-7 detection * :fire: Drop extra feature characters freq file live build * ➖ Stop using loguru, not pretty anymore but reduce footprint by a lot + ASCII detection review ASCII until proven otherwise * :art: Dropping useless class UnicodeRangeIdentify, bad code pattern, using functions to be imported as is * :fire: ➖ Drop dragonmapper, using more elaborated characters frequency to unravel suspicious CJK usage * :pencil: Fix small typo * :pencil: Minor revision on the "Why" section * :art: Safely drop cached_property except for Python 3.5 * :heavy_check_mark: Adjust test suites to recents changes * :bookmark: Bump to 1.4.0 * ➖ Remove dragonmapper from * :bug: Wrong import for backport cached_property * :wrench: Fixup due to dropping dragonmapper * :sparkle: Add setter for BOM * :wrench: Ensure ASCII&UTF-8 are returned if detected * :wrench: Coverage detect/parse fix * :wrench: pytest conf (*2) * Create * ⏪️ Revert maxsize params for cache in * :zap: Reduce Chinese characters freq array to 300 * :art: Remove useless calls to dict::keys() * :wrench: Reducing chinese char freq array again * :sparkle: Quick improvement over CJK mess detector due to regression seen after dragonmapper drop * :zap: Large input performance issue first address * :art: Minor code revision * :bug: Catching ImportError too * :wrench: add '%' in is_punc for mess detect (especially in ascii) * :wrench: ASCII detection moderation * :bug: Fix drop utf-7 detection * :sparkle: prep CJK mess detect improvement * :wrench: mv utf_7 drop notice * ⏪️ revert cjk manual mess detect from 87c580517be6e21b8ab728f9db088e22cb91e027 * :heavy_check_mark: Test inherent sign fn in given sequence
1 year ago
addopts = --cov=charset_normalizer --cov-report=term-missing -rxXs
ignore = W503, E203, B305
max-line-length = 120
disallow_untyped_defs = True
ignore_missing_imports = True
profile = black
combine_as_imports = True