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#!/usr/bin/env python
import fileinput
from pprint import pprint
def author(line):
A, E = line.strip().rsplit(None, 1)
E.replace('>', '').replace('<', '')
except ValueError:
A, E = line.strip(), None
return A.lower() if A else A, E.lower() if E else E
def proper_name(name):
return name and ' ' in name
def find_missing_authors(seen):
with open('AUTHORS') as authors:
known = [author(line) for line in authors.readlines()]
seen_authors = {t[0] for t in seen if proper_name(t[0])}
known_authors = {t[0] for t in known}
# maybe later?:
# seen_emails = {t[1] for t in seen}
# known_emails = {t[1] for t in known}
pprint(seen_authors - known_authors)
if __name__ == '__main__':
find_missing_authors([author(line) for line in fileinput.input()])