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Packagers: Breathe packages on PyPI are PGP signed for Breathe >= v4.28.0.

Packagers: Breathe tarballs on GitHub are PGP signed for Breathe >= v4.29.0.


This is an extension to reStructuredText and Sphinx to be able to read and render the Doxygen xml output.


Breathe is available from github and PyPI, the Python Package Index. It can be installed with:

pip install breathe


The documentation is available here. Thank you to the people running Read the Docs for such an excellent service.

The source for the documentation is in the documentation folder if you want to built it and read it locally.


The testsuite can be run with:

make dev-test

The documentation also does a good effort of covering the available functionality with different examples. To build the documentation, run:


This will run doxygen over the example code and then run the Breathe documentation. View the results at:


Further to this if you want to compare the current documentation output against a previous state in order to check for regressions there is a compare script in the documentation folder. It takes two arguments which are two commit references that you'd like to compare. This means that all your changes have to be committed first. Also the script does not resolve state dependent references like HEAD so provide concrete commit references like sha1s or branch names. A typical example is to compare your current branch output to master:

# Make sure all your changes are committed first
cd documentation
./compare master my-branch

This will do a checkout and build at each commit and then run meld against the resulting directories so you can see the differences introduced by your branch.


Development is currently done with:

  • Python 3.5
  • Docutils 0.12
  • Sphinx 2.3.1
  • Doxygen 1.8.4

Doxygen 1.5.1 seems to produce xml with repeated sections which causes Breathe some confusion. Not sure when this was resolved but it might be best to go for the latest possible.

Mailing List Archives

The archive for the Google groups list can be found here.

The previous mailing list was on and the archives are available here.

Please post new questions as GitHub issues.


Examples of Breathe used by other projects:

If you have an example you would like listed here, please make a github issue with the details.


Breathe is not the only solution to this problem. These are the alternatives that we know about. We are very happy to list others if you'd like to provide a link in a GitHub issue.


See the mkrelease utility in the root of the repository.


Breathe is currently maintained by vermeeren and was formerly maintained by michaeljones & vitaut, contributors include:

Thanks to:

  • Dimitri van Heesch for Doxygen.
  • Georg Brandl for Sphinx.
  • David Goodger for Docutils and reStructuredText.


See the CHANGELOG.rst