Ananicy - is Another auto nice daemon, with community rules support (Use pull request please)
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SRC_DIR := $(dir $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
ANANICY_D_R := $(shell find $(SRC_DIR)/ananicy.d -type f -name "*.rules")
ANANICY_D_R_I := $(patsubst $(SRC_DIR)/%.rules, $(PREFIX)/etc/%.rules, $(ANANICY_D_R))
ANANICY_D_T := $(shell find $(SRC_DIR)/ananicy.d -type f -name "*.types")
ANANICY_D_T_I := $(patsubst $(SRC_DIR)/%.types, $(PREFIX)/etc/%.types, $(ANANICY_D_T))
ANANICY_D_G := $(shell find $(SRC_DIR)/ananicy.d -type f -name "*.cgroups")
ANANICY_D_G_I := $(patsubst $(SRC_DIR)/%.cgroups, $(PREFIX)/etc/%.cgroups, $(ANANICY_D_G))
A_SERVICE := $(PREFIX)/lib/systemd/system/ananicy.service
A_CONF := $(PREFIX)/etc/ananicy.d/ananicy.conf
A_BIN := $(PREFIX)/usr/bin/ananicy
default: help
$(PREFIX)/etc/%.cgroups: $(SRC_DIR)/%.cgroups
install -Dm644 $< $@
$(PREFIX)/etc/%.types: $(SRC_DIR)/%.types
install -Dm644 $< $@
$(PREFIX)/etc/%.rules: $(SRC_DIR)/%.rules
install -Dm644 $< $@
$(A_CONF): $(SRC_DIR)/ananicy.d/ananicy.conf
install -Dm644 $< $@
$(A_BIN): $(SRC_DIR)/
install -Dm755 $< $@
$(A_SERVICE): $(SRC_DIR)/ananicy.service
install -Dm644 $< $@
install: ## Install ananicy
install: $(A_CONF) $(A_BIN)
install: $(A_SERVICE)
install: $(ANANICY_D_G_I)
install: $(ANANICY_D_T_I)
install: $(ANANICY_D_R_I)
uninstall: ## Delete ananicy
@rm -fv $(A_CONF)
@rm -rf $(A_BIN)
@rm -rf $(A_SERVICE)
@rm -rf $(ANANICY_D_G_I)
@rm -rf $(ANANICY_D_T_I)
@rm -rf $(ANANICY_D_R_I)
deb: ## Create debian package
./ debian
help: ## Show help
@grep -h "##" $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | grep -v grep | sed -e 's/\\$$//' | column -t -s '##'