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Andrew Dolgov 467bc4fe03 tag 17.4 6 years ago
autoload.php autoload: include functions.php 10 years ago
ccache.php add housekeeping task for orphaned counter cache entries 8 years ago
colors.php do no try to pass MS icon files to GD 9 years ago
crypt.php deprecate encrypted feed passwords because mcrypt is getting removed from php 7.1 6 years ago
db-prefs.php move db-prefs to OO 10 years ago
db.php actually check for failures properly in the dbupdater 7 years ago
digest.php remove some unused code reported by phpmd 9 years ago
errorhandler.php error handler: do not log last query, truncate error message to a smaller length 7 years ago
feedbrowser.php Prevent target='_blank' vulnerability on dynamic link 6 years ago
functions.php filter by search results while marking feed as read 6 years ago
functions2.php add cosmetic suffixes back for cached url links 6 years ago
labels.php remove some unused code reported by phpmd 9 years ago
login_form.php dijit style updates 7 years ago
rssfuncs.php enclosures: rewrite relative urls on import, duh 6 years ago
sanity_check.php remove support for legacy mysql driver 6 years ago
sanity_config.php update sanity_config 7 years ago
sessions.php ttrss_gc: return true 7 years ago
version.php tag 17.4 6 years ago