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set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__) ."/include" . PATH_SEPARATOR .
require_once "functions.php";
$ERRORS[0] = "";
$ERRORS[1] = __("This program requires XmlHttpRequest " .
"to function properly. Your browser doesn't seem to support it.");
$ERRORS[2] = __("This program requires cookies " .
"to function properly. Your browser doesn't seem to support them.");
$ERRORS[3] = __("Backend sanity check failed.");
$ERRORS[4] = __("Frontend sanity check failed.");
$ERRORS[5] = __("Incorrect database schema version. &lt;a href='db-updater.php'&gt;Please update&lt;/a&gt;.");
$ERRORS[6] = __("Request not authorized.");
$ERRORS[7] = __("No operation to perform.");
$ERRORS[8] = __("Could not display feed: query failed. Please check label match syntax or local configuration.");
$ERRORS[8] = __("Denied. Your access level is insufficient to access this page.");
$ERRORS[9] = __("Configuration check failed");
$ERRORS[10] = __("Your version of MySQL is not currently supported. Please see official site for more information.");
$ERRORS[11] = "[This error is not returned by server]";
$ERRORS[12] = __("SQL escaping test failed, check your database and PHP configuration");
$ERRORS[13] = __("Method not found");
$ERRORS[14] = __("Plugin not found");
if ($_REQUEST['mode'] == 'js') {
header("Content-Type: text/javascript; charset=UTF-8");
print "var ERRORS = [];\n";
foreach ($ERRORS as $id => $error) {
$error = preg_replace("/\n/", "", $error);
$error = preg_replace("/\"/", "\\\"", $error);
print "ERRORS[$id] = \"$error\";\n";