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Andrew Dolgov b6b5554db4 normalize some html5 custom attributes 7 years ago
auth auth_base: choose random password if not supplied by auth module 10 years ago
db error handler: do not log last query, truncate error message to a smaller length 7 years ago
feeditem parser: properly support tag subtrees instead of text content for article content 7 years ago
handler pass feed information to hook_article_export_feed 7 years ago
logger store formatted backtrace to sql log 7 years ago
pref pref_filters: sort rules by reg_exp when displaying index 7 years ago
.htaccess block listing of several util directories; deny access to config.php 10 years ago
api.php prevent frontend updating of feeds on view if open_basedir is set to prevent plugins potentially not working correctly (i.e. if backend system has open_basedir disabled) 7 years ago
article.php create_published_article: only use readability if enabled in the plugin 7 years ago
backend.php fix blank character after opening bracket in function calls 10 years ago
db.php unify houskeeping stuff, increase spawn interval 10 years ago
dbupdater.php revert OO-db access in dbupdater, create DbUpdater() correctly 10 years ago
dlg.php fix some remaining old-style viewfeed() calls 7 years ago
feedenclosure.php Store size of enclosure to database 8 years ago
feeditem.php move common methods to feeditem_common 10 years ago
feedparser.php atom: consider link rel=alternate in feed element for site urls 8 years ago
feeds.php normalize some html5 custom attributes 7 years ago
handler.php fix missing DB object when instantiated to import opml 10 years ago
iauthmodule.php move authentication modules to plugins/ 10 years ago
idb.php reinstate error handlers; better DB error reporting on failed queries 10 years ago
ihandler.php implement plugin routing masks, add example plugin 10 years ago
logger.php make logging configurable; add logging to syslog 10 years ago
opml.php temporarily enable entity loader when importing opml because idk 8 years ago
plugin.php only stop inline feed updates with open_basedir enabled if there are any plugins that require CURL enabled 7 years ago
pluginhandler.php add a wrapper for standard error codes returned by backend, also add explanation to the error object if possible 8 years ago
pluginhost.php add PluginHost.HOOK_ARTICLE_EXPORT_FEED 7 years ago
rpc.php fix multiple issues with archived feeds 7 years ago
ttrssmailer.php Changes to support a new version of the phpmailer. Adds a new setting SMTP_SECURE, 9 years ago