An unofficial mirror of the Tiny Tiny RSS, an open-source RSS feed reader and aggregator
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Tiny Tiny RSS

Server-side RSS feed aggregator written in PHP and heavily based
on XmlHttpRequest and related technologies for user interface and

Licensed under GPL version 2.

Warning: I don't know how to stress it enough - please do not install
this program wide open to the whole internet. It belongs to (host or password)
protected directory on your webserver. There could be SQL-injection or other
remote vulnerabilities, so beware.

Also, TT-rss at present is not multi-user. It is designed for one person to
read news consistently from different locations, one location at a time. Otherwise,
last-read information will get messed up and other bad stuff could happen.


There is (incomplete) support for keyboard navigation.

"n" and "p" moves between next/previous posts when feed is opened, switching
pages as needed.

"r" refreshes feed list

"u" refreshes currently selected feed


- Magpie RSS ( - place it into
magpierss/ subdirectory;
- PostgreSQL (example schema and configuration in ttrss_schema.sql)

Don't forget to copy config.php-dist to config.php and edit it.

icons/ directory should be writable for your httpd user.

Send your questions, comments, patches to Andrew Dolgov <>