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Contributing code the right way

(or: how I learned to post merge requests without crying myself to sleep)

New user accounts on Gogs are not allowed to fork repositories because people use development accounts to spam. To get initial fork access, do the following:

  1. Register on the forums and on Gogs;
  2. Create a thread describing your proposed changes in Development subforum while including your Gogs username;
  3. You'll be given proper access and will be able to fork repositories and file PRs, etc;

If you already have a fully functional Gogs account it works pretty much like Github:

  1. Fork the repository you're interested in;
  2. Do the needful;
  3. File a pull request with your changes against master branch;

That's it. If you have any other questions, see this forum thread.

If you don't want to deal with the above, you can also clone one of the repositories locally, do the needful, and post resulting patches on the forums.

Please don't inline patches in forum posts, attach files instead (.patch or .diff file extensions should work).

Contributing translations

Believe it or not, people also spam using Weblate. Therefore, there's some minor jumping through hoops involved here:

  1. Register on Weblate / forums;
  2. Post in the Weblate discussion thread on the forum, ask to be added to a project you're interested in;
  3. You'll be given proper access rights and will be able to edit translations.

That's it. If the language you're interested is not available yet, ask and we'll add it;