An unofficial mirror of the Tiny Tiny RSS, an open-source RSS feed reader and aggregator
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Tiny Tiny RSS

Web-based news feed aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from
any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.

Copyright (C) 2005 Andrew Dolgov unless stated otherwise.

Portions (C):

Bob Osola <> (pngfix.js)
Sundar Dorai-Raj <> (isNumeric() in functions.js)

Licensed under GNU GPL version 2

Features Overview


* Server-side application, user only needs a web browser
* Supports RSS, RDF, Atom feeds using Magpie library
* Supports OPML import/export
* Easy setup and configuration
* Streamlined interface using XmlHttpRequest (or AJAX for laypeople)


* Compatible browser on the client side

Basically, Firefox, Konqueror or MSIE6 are okay. See here
for more information:

* Web server, for example Apache
* PHP (requires PHP4 DOMXML extension)
* MagpieRSS feed parser (

* PostgreSQL (tested on 7.4) or MySQL (InnoDB and version 4.1+ required)

Installation Notes


* If you are upgrading from the previous version, don't forget to update
schema and logout.

* icons directory should be writable to your httpd user if you plan on
using feed icons

* Leave DB_HOST empty if you want to connect to database via unix socket

* For PostgreSQL don't forget to create database with UTF-8 encoding

createdb -E utf-8 -O owner_user database)

* Don't forget to change your password from default value on your first login

* Check your config.php for blank lines out of PHP code tags (e.g.
before <? and after ?>), See #1

See also

* FAQ:
* Forum:
* Wiki:
* Bug Tracker:


Send your questions, comments, patches to Andrew Dolgov <>