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Subscribe to feed with Internationalized Domain Name

Currently you cannot subscribe to feeds on hosts with internationalized domain names (IDNA) within tt-rss. You need to manually convert them to punycode to subscribe to them.

This patch adds code to detect IDNA and convert them to punycode in fix_url() if possible on the system. This requires PHP IDN functions (e.g. on Debian Jessie this needs php5-intl to be installed), so a notice is added to the installer sanity check.

See merge request !37
Andrew Dolgov 6 years ago
commit f6bcb5c606
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@ -1776,6 +1776,16 @@
$url .= '/';
//convert IDNA hostname to punycode if possible
if (function_exists("idn_to_ascii")) {
$parts = parse_url($url);
if (mb_detect_encoding($parts['host']) != 'ASCII')
$parts['host'] = idn_to_ascii($parts['host']);
$url = build_url($parts);
if ($url != "http:///")
return $url;

@ -309,6 +309,10 @@
array_push($notices, "CURL and open_basedir combination breaks support for HTTP redirects. See the FAQ for more information.");
if (!function_exists("idn_to_ascii")) {
array_push($notices, "PHP support for Internationalization Functions is required to handle Internationalized Domain Names.");
if (count($notices) > 0) {
print_notice("Configuration check succeeded with minor problems:");