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Run "make debian" to make the mock archive ./debian/, or to restore
it to its newly built state. Run "make clean" to delete it.

The mock archive ./debian/ is not to be confused with the
directory ../debian/. The ./debian/ is a small, mock Debian
archive. You can use this archive to test debmirror.

The mock archive's packages are not real packages. You cannot build
or install them. You can however *mirror* them, which is the point.

The mock archive is not a very good mock archive, nor are the scripts
that manage it very good scripts. They merely suffice for some tests,
and may be improved or extended when more tests of thought of. If you
are developing or maintaining debmirror, then feel free to improve or
extend the mock archive and its scripts as you need or wish.

(When these words were written, the mock archive had no non-free
section, but by the time these words are read it might have one. If
the mock archive does have a non-free section, then that section is
mock-non-free -- which is free, insofar as the whole mock archive is
free. If this makes sense to you, then you can stop reading; but if it
confuses then consider the following. It's like an actor in
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, who is not Caesar, but is an actor who in
the play is named "Caesar". Naming an actor "Caesar" in a play does
not make him Caesar! Likewise, naming software "non-free" in a mock
archive does not make it non-free. As Shakespeare's Juliet almost
said, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name
would smell as free...." Unfortunately, this rose is named "non-rose,"
more or less, which is especially confusing, but there it is.)

Here is a sample test session:

rm -r /tmp/debian
make -C test
./debmirror -r "${PWD}/test/debian" --method=file -d sid -a amd64\
--getcontents --no-check-gpg /tmp/debian