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0.5.4 (2017-05-29)
* Add limit_rate to example mirror.list (fixes #72)
* Fix use of uninitialized value $config{"options"} warning (fixes #68,
Debian bug #851979, #859601)
* Fix warning on repository without md5sum (fixes #66)
* Write SHA1 and SHA256 in addition to MD5
* Also download xz-compressed Components-$arch.yml.xz (fixes #69)
0.5.3 (2017-01-06)
* Add support for 'deb [arch=amd64] ...' format (fixes #32, #65)
* Create directories including their parents
* Add support for quoted variables with spaces (fixes #43, #67)
0.5.2 (2016-11-08)
* Fix typo tranlation -> translation (fixes #35, Debian bug #756035,
Launchpad bug #1455522)
* if fork() fails, it returns undef and not a negative number (merge #37)
* Replace obsolete dpkg option '--print-installation-architecture'
by '--print-architecture' (Debian bug #834106)
* Add support for https_proxy (fixes #60)
* Download DEP-11 files in component/dep11 directories (fixes #56,
Launchpad bug #1550852)
* Support non-existing .gz index files (fixes #30, Debian bug #819974)
* Just test that config file is readable (Debian bug #824493)
0.5.1 (2014-04-12)
* Fix find-translation-files bug.
* Fix skel (indexes) updates in a hardlinked mirror
* Added proxy support
* Also mirror xz compressed files (fixes #25).
0.5.0 (2014-02-22)
* Removed restrictions when parsing deb-$arch (Launchpad bug #913837)
new arch's no longer need to be manually added
via an apt-mirror source change.
* Code cleaned up with perltidy and a .perltidyrc added
* Changed to warn() instead of die() when sources go missing
so mirroring of other sources continues.
* Download all provided translation files instead of trying to download
translation files based on a hard-coded language list. (Debian bug #725762)
* Fix typos (e.g. Debian bug #736904 and Launchpad bug #1211097).
* Mirror Contents-*.gz for each component. (Debian bug #647301)
* Mirror InRelease files (fixes #3).
* Added support for downloading of i18n files.
* Fix regex problem: arm overrides armhf. Thanks to hawken.
* Add support for HTTPS with basic HTTP authentication. Thanks to Pali
* Improve lock file handling to avoid false "apt-mirror is already running"
messages. Thanks to Ivan Borzenkov <>
* Create directories after config is parsed.
Thanks to Rob Verduijn
* Support armhf, kfreebsd-* and s390x arch. Thanks Benjamin Drung
* Fix braindead build environments. Thanks Jeremy T. Bouse
* Add a shebang line to Thanks Benjamin Drung
* debian/postrm: Clean-up auto-generated files on purge. Thanks
Jeremy T. Bouse
* Fix for superfluous errors when mirroring a Flat repo
* Fixed support for repositories with no components.
* Reduced the number of tries wget will try before it fails to 5
* Fixed loop if wget was not installed, would not die()
* fix stale wget caching due to bad proxy configs
* Lots of typos fixed
* apt-mirror will now try to create needed directories if they do not exist
* applied patch for closedir() errors
* added mirroring examples of multiple architectures to the debian mirror.list
* fixed manpage description of mirror.list
* minor cleanup to the documentation
* applied patch from Steve Kowalik ( ) to
allow user:pass@host ( http and ftp authenticated )
and port numbers in the url host:8080 etc
* Added ability to run a shell script after apt-mirror completes the
mirroring configuration values "run_postmirror" 0/1
and "postmirror_script" /path/to/
* added rate_limit option ( closes bug #1729402 )
a value of 25 is equal to 25 Bytes/Second
a value of 25k is equal to 25 Kilobytes/Second
a value of 25m is equal to 25 Megabyte/Second
* added mipsel, armel, and lpia arch support
* fixed the tilde replace code so it works with 2 or more tilde
in the package names
* default _tilde option set to 0
* minor updates to the manpage wordings
* new _stat function to cache and speed up parsing
* download size now in human readable numbers ( KiB,MiB,GiB,etc )
old changes documented in the debian/changelog